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  1. Im a 19 year old male from a small town in in northern virginia and I want to get into the legal cannabis industry. I recently relocated to Virginia Beach and I am thinking my next stop is colorado or washington(in 2+ years) and want to know what I should do to get into the bizz? I have wanted to do this since I was 14 and even if I start out as a trimmer at first Im cool with that if my dream of having my own grow and edibles business is not too far behind! Thanks! One love!

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    Honestly you only want to be in the industry cause its like a shiny object.
    Trust me. You dont want to be in the industry. Theres grunts that make minimum wage AND the guys who have to deal with the federal and local governments.
    Neither job is a fun career. Bleh. I sell tobacco and the government is annoying as fuck as is
  4. Read title:
    Then you haven't thought about it much at all. 
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    my friend wanted to get into the "biz" 2 weeks ago
    so he took a bus to CO. why are you waiting 2 years? CO will probably be in the shitter by then 
    if you are homeless and hungry, there's plenty of trim jobs that pay in food and bud and lodging
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  9. Yes, yes I do. I want to get my general studies done here in va and xfer to Denver and study botany.
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    Yea we get these same posts same shit everyday- now that its legal in colorado & wash  seems every 18 yr old kid wants to be the next warren buffet of pot straight off of the old binky.
    You may want to start by watching tv shows of people running these shops,  many fight with the feds, city regulations, the state, growers and everything else in between + running a business. 
    If your dead set on it, theres a weed school call Oaksterdam university in oakland-
    Whats really starting to fuck up is the cities in legal states are banning dispensaries on a local level although state is ok with it. Now you've got only certain cities allowing vendors next thing you know they all pop up in one city. 
    I think the next big thing is franchises- theres got to be competition and a few shops will grow
    The small only do maybe $100,000 if that- its not a get rich quick all while law enforcement is lurking waiting to fuck you over. I understand tho, everyone wants to work at a dispensary and smoke all day all year whatever and have that job.
    Sure sure. Have you seen the feds in Cali just raid a store for no reason without warning and confiscate all profits and say its drug forfeiture- its happening all over. I'd fucking hate to have to run a business looking over my shoulder constantly keeping everything under raps so not to loose it all. All I'm saying, its a really fucked up cloudy grey area right now as everything is new- 
    you need to come up with your own ideas instead of asking people on this forum
    if you just follow people's directions, you will not make it in a competitive market. 
  12. Wtf dude u read my mind.

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