i wanna get high and go to a corn maze

Discussion in 'General' started by darksmoker, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. one of these chilly fall nights, like tonight woulda been perfect - 45 out, crisp, chilly, windy, planty of dead crunchy leaves, that fall "smell", would be amazing. any lucky fux ever done this?
  2. no but i would dig in large amounts :smoke:
  3. We will find you 20 min in crying in a corner
  4. I think it would only be fun in a large group but by yourself it would probably be very overwhelming.
  5. in the dark. with paintball guns.
  6. Corn mazes are pretty awesome. I went to a few good ones when I lived in Colorado. Fun especially if you have a girlfriend with you, cause a lot of times you end up alone in the maze :)

    And if you manage to get a girl you like to go to one with you, you basically got a sure fire ticket to her grasping you close a few times that night. If you're both stoned......it will be an awesome adventure.

    Never ran through one high though. It's on my list of things to do though.
  7. Once me and a few friends ate something and decided to go wandering in this big ass corn maze. Had a great time all night.

    They closed at 12 and luckily we were coming down. Seeing the overhead spotlights and guys coming through the corn with flash lights looking for us stragglers would have seriously tripped me out had I still been up there.

  8. Either that or trying to eat corn.
  9. I would get freakd out if I was in that maze for too long. I'd get frustrated with seeing the same thing all the time.

    And not being able to find the end. Every corner you take is just another wall of corn.
  10. Hell yea , corn mazes are awesome. Theres one called Aww Shucks like 15 mins away from my house. Now they do haunted trails:smoke:
  11. When my bf goes on vacation the week before Halloween,
    we're gonna get high and go to corn mazes, and haunted
    houses. Just a week full of things. Ha.
  12. Haha I did this earlier this month during the day. It was a small maze, but still I was all scared that we were gonna get lost in it cause I was stoned.
  13. oh man you just gave me epic nostalgia, i haven't been in a corn maze since i was a wee lad.
  14. i love these forums...:smoke:
  15. This guy is obviously very stoned... good on you mate.
  16. i would get lost so easily in a corn maze if i was high. i would probly freak out and just run straight until i got out haha
  17. hahhaaaahahaahaaaaaa yupyupyup!!!!!
  18. so true, so true...:)
  19. i could dig that, sweet.
    but yea i might be crying in a corner after a few minutes as well i get clausfopbpic
    im high i cant spell sorry
  20. i'm surprised this thread was a minor success, ahaha. i looked it up and there's not many corn mazes in Arkansas, which i found EXTREMELY...odd. considering all the land out here. there's a few thats like 30 mins away, ut itll be worth it xD

    wish we had a haunted one to go to xD

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