I wanna be a hippo...

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    THINK ABOUT IT! Hippos are just chill as fuck all day. They just sit there and munch on lilly pads and shit and they just....chill. Plus they can be in the water all day and only have to have the tipity top of their noes above water cause its strategically there for that exact reason. AND THATS NOT ALL! They also can just open their mouthes underwater and fish come and clean off their teeth and also all over their body. Its like....they dont have to do shit! And plus nobodys gonna fuck with u cause u have huge ass teeth. Nobody wants to mess with something like that you gotta admit...

    Idk, it'd just be awesome. If the whole reincarnation into a better form thing is right, then i think hippo is like...the final evolution before nirvana or w/e the budhism and or islamic? and or hinduism (im an ignorant american. sue me.), and or whatever the fuck that damn religion is. i dont fuckin know leave me alone:D!
  2. :laughing: are you watching discovery channel right now too?
  3. i wanna be a ufo

  4. best first post:smoking:
  5. Hippos are one animal I would not want to fuck with... short of, perhaps, a tactical nuke.
  6. Sloth or koala bear
  7. Dont forget that you are pretty much top of the food chain where you live. Even a crocadile would be no match for you and your 2 ton body. Indeed it would be awesome.
    Plus hippos float so you can just chill out there floating!
  8. Hippos fight like motherfuckers. If you arnt the strongest male hippo, and you are fighting over a female, prepare to get your shit fucked. They got scars all over them and frequently kill each other just to show dominance. Extremely territorial animals.
  9. Turtle and then Ninja Turtle.
  10. Hippos are ferocious.
  11. [​IMG]

    So not chilll.
  12. I have seen a hippo rip a alligator in half on tv once..fuckin good night alligator
  13. Good night sweet prince.

    Why not a panda bear instead?
  14. If I want to be an animal, I want to be a tiger or someshit or fro a mammal, a greatwhite would be fuckin sick, then I could know if they kill people on purpose or not :laughing:
  15. Fuck you guys

    I wanna be an eagle.
  16. Fucking orangutan.
  17. I would be a King Cobra. With one swift bite poison would run through the hippos veins.

  18. Nah man, hippo skin to thick. No way a snike bite's getting through

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