I Wanna Be A Dolphin

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by DaCaptn, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. I Wanna Be a Dolphin
    I wanna be a Dolphin
    jumpin oh so high
    singin salty Dolphin songs
    ta sailors passin by...

    Jumpin way up in da air
    where I'll dance and spin
    I wanna be a Dolphin
    swimmin in da sea again...

    I wanna look in sailors eyes
    As dey stand watch at night
    I'll slap my tail and leave a trail
    Of diamonds sparkelin bright

    And if a hapless sailor
    should fall into da sea
    I'll guide them safely back ta shore
    It's a Dolphin's life fur me…
  2. *YAY*... i get to be the first one to reply... awesome stuff cap'n... i really like this one. dolphins rule!
  3. Dolphins are da most coolest of animals around except maybe orangutans but they are on land and my place is on the sea so Dolphins are my first love!
    Thanks sooo much for the nice words too!
    Da"Juss Got Back From da Sea"Captn
  4. *I love to watch the dolphins play.. great pic.
  5. Dolphins are the brains of the earth, somebody said somewhere. but whales are the only mammals that went BACK to the sea.
    The picture is beatufiul as usual, what are you using?
  6. Don't forget that as a dolphin you'll be one of only two known creatures on Earth who have sexual relations for pleasure as well as procreation.
  7. i dont no about that fact i herd that a pig has an orgasum for half an hour that sounds like pleasure 2 me and there is a type of monkey that has sex with every other monkey in the groupe as a way of saying hi witch is a good way of saying it i think

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