I used to be way better looking

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  1. Just like 4 months ago I was really good looking. But now I'm not. In the past 4 months I've been really fucking depressed. I was drinking a lot for a while but I've stopped now. I work out even more than I used to. Do you think me being so depressed can cause me to not look as good? Or can there be other factors?

    What do you think? If I stop being so god damn depressed all the time can I look good again. Cuz they say "mind over matter" and maybe my misery makes me look not as good. What do you think?

    Help I wanna look better so I can feel better and make life better. Thanks.
  2. Drinking heavily and depression will both age you prematurely hit a bowl sit in the sun and listen to some music there's nothing to worry about it's all trivial on a universal scale anyway

  3. Thanks I'm trying to get a job right now so i can get back to smoking. I know weed will help. Peace.
  4. you being depressed? not necessarily. the actions you take as a result of being depressed? potentially, yes
  5. It's very likely that you look exactly the same or even better but because of your depression you are a lot more critical on yourself and your appearance.
  6. you prob havent changed much..as archizy stated due to ur depression u prob see urself in a diff way then u did before. I can relate to that..whatever were feeling reflects onto us in many ways influencing,the way we see,think an believe,don't worry about the smaller things like looks..get back to who u once were,try to find happiness in anyway that u can an trust me..the way u see urself will change :]
  7. i think there is no point to dissecting this . ... and that you should stop tripping about nothing.

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