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I used a grinder and got so high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camram, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I was able to take full advantage of my bowl size and load it to the top.
  2. Cool story bro.

    What were you doing before? Putting whole nugs in there or something?
  3. #3 phil3, Aug 10, 2011
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    That's what I kinda did when I started. I would just break it up into chunks with my hands. To anyone who thinks they don't need a grinder, go get one. It will change your life.
  4. I bought a grinder last night. I am truly a fan. :smoke:
  5. Get a 4 piece one, with a kief catcher. Save up the kief over a couple of months if you can, then smoke a J of kief. It will blow your mind :smoke:
  6. Yeah just kind of tearing the nugs apart with my hands.
  7. I am yet to get a grinder... :angry:
  8. Grinders revolutionised my weed and turned me from a social toker to a full time stoner.

  9. i can think of so many things I would rather spend my money on...
    like more weed
  10. #10 dembonez, Aug 10, 2011
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    You can get a grinder for dirt cheap and IMO one with a keif catcher is like having more weed.
  11. yea grinders are unnecessary. i love breaking up my buds by hand, i dont wanna run my beautiful buds through a grinder to be shredded apart too fine. unless you roll mad joints and blunts, i think bud is more worth the money
  12. When you break up your bud with your fingers trichs get stuck to your skin and you lose a bit of potency. I got a $20 grinder off of amazon and it works wonders.
  13. 10 dollars for a grinder isn't that big of a deal
  14. Bought my friends from him cuz he's quitting smoking and it's a 4 piece grinder and grinds amazingly, but have yet to use it since I've boughten it (only a week ago).

  15. you lose just as much in the grinder...:rolleyes: the only difference is you can wash the grinder with alcohol and get some back....:cool:
  16. i had a grinder until my high ass off forgot where i placed it. maybe if i smoke a bowl i'll rememberlol
  17. I mean what. Grinders don't do much accept
    Grind the bud if you were to tell us your got higher then normal I would have to
    Say...your an idiot
  18. never used one b4 llol
  19. #19 dethklok11, Aug 10, 2011
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    Same. I used to do that and never got too high. One day on vacation i got a grinder. Great investment. Stones the hell out of me now.
  20. i will use a knife and a cutting board because owning those things are not suspicious at all.... I'll use that, at least until I'm living in a situation where I can hide a grinder more easily.

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