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I use cannabis for medical reasons (no card), but my reasons are not supported in any states legislature. Seeking advice?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Scarfacee, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. So I've smoked marijuana very recreationally (averaging out to maybe 10 times a year, mostly concentrated in the summer) since I was a junior in HS. Even throughout college I didn't smoke much. I didn't drink much either. I'm not big on frequently getting "fucked up", but sometimes I like to have a good time.

    Anyway, after I finished college I discovered the positive impact that regularly using marijuana in small doses has on me and I now "self medicate" with it. 
    So heres my deal. I played football in college and through car accidents and my football career I've sustained 8 documented concussions, as well as probably over a handful more that I never reported so I wouldn't have to miss games or look like a pansy for skipping practice (I was young and immature, looking back now I would've taken my brain more seriously). I was able to convince the doc that one of the concussions they considered a concussion wasn't actually a concussion and was told that I had no strikes left and any more I was being forced to stop playing. I actually skipped out on my 5th year of eligibility because of it as much as I really wanted to play.
    The concussions have resulted in numerous negative effects on my life. I almost always have a headache. Just like a constant state of dull but still annoying yet not in any way debilitating - minor pain. I've been way more prone to anger and rage than ever before in my life. I break lots of valuable things and damage relationships with people I care about and it wasn't always like this. I get occasional unbelievably severe migraines that bring with them more pain than anything I've ever felt in my life and are completely debilitating preventing me from doing anything at all. Thankfully they're not frequent, although they're relatively recent within the past 2 years so hopefully they don't get worse. And also my short term memory is going to shit. I'm an intelligent person and can get my thoughts across very well when writing, but I can't get the words out of my mouth like I used to. I struggle to put whats in my brain into words because it just takes longer to form coherent thoughts and sentences than it ever has before. This has also led to some social anxiety because I no longer feel as comfortable as I did making and holding conversations and it often gets awkward and makes me feel like an idiot. 
    Marijuana helps me combat every single one of these issues and has essentially been a miracle medicine for me. I can function without it, but my quality of life has been greatly improved with it. 
    I would very much like to get a medical card so I can eliminate some of the risks that I take regarding the illegality of it as well as have access to safer, more reliable, and higher quality medicine. I don't even have a dealer and am in a new state where I don't know anyone so I run into dry spells which results in many of my issues coming back in full force. 
    I have two issues with acquiring a card (I'm in MA):
    Issue 1 -  "side effects of excessive concussions" isn't a documented condition or an accepted reason to get approved for a medical card or recommendation. However a recent study has shown that concussions are linked to Alzheimer's, (, and as I'm sure many of you are aware, Alzheimer's has been shown to slow and possibly inhibit Alzheimer's growth/onset. So there may be something there, but still its just a recent study and not very conclusive
    Issue 2 - I don't really go to or see doctors. I didn't have insurance for the 2nd half of HS and most of college. I can acquire all the records from the concussions and any injuries sustained playing football where the team covered everything. However, I haven't seen any doctors for the headaches, migraines, anger, memory, or lack-of-memory induced mild social anxiety. So even if I could somehow qualify based on the side effects, the only documentation I have is of the actual concussions, nothing regarding the side effects because I haven't seen a doctor since I finished playing.
    So I'm basically just looking for advice about what any of you think I should do. Is it worth pursuing in any way or am I just kind of screwed and stuck with attempting to self-medicate as I have been recently.
    Special thanks to anyone who actually reads all this lol
  2. Hon, in California, you would have no problems "getting legal". It's see the "pot doc" (take your medical records), pay him between $50 to $150, and walk out legal! It's THAT simple!   Ever thought of moving?
    Yea I know some people in Cali and I've heard the stories. I'm not originally from Massachusetts, I came here because of a very good job opportunity, so moving isn't really an option right now.
  4. she will give you a better answer than anyone else can on this site.
  5. For a second there, I thought that was myself talking, it's like my kindred spirit.  I know exactly how you feel brother, I'm trying to do the exact same in Alberta, Canada.  I look forward to see how you make out!
    Good Luck
  6. You can try CBD oil which is available online but lacks the stoning effect of THC.
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    CBD is excellent for pain but is not regulated. THC is regulated but you don't need the THC for pain as CBD is the active pain agent. You can legally buy CBD tinctures, oils, etc. on-line with no concern regarding its legality. If you search for them on-line you should be able to find a source relatively easy. I use both; CBD tinctures for when I am out of the house and need the help and MMJ at home where I don't have to worry about vaporizing or smoking.
    Also, look for a naturopath in your area. Naturopath's use plants, herbs, etc to treat conditions and are more likely to understand the efficacy of medical marijuana. They would be more inclined to give you a MMJ referral without too much trouble. (Granted, I am not saying that ALL naturopaths are like that but in my experience quite a few are.)
    Hope it helps.
    (I don't mean that everything I am saying is proven and I am stating an opinion. Please do not jump on me if you don't agree. :ey:  :smoking:  :hello:)
  8. I don't mean that everything I am saying is proven and I am stating an opinion. Please do not jump on me if you don't agree. :ey:  :smoking:  :hello:
  9. Its so easy to get a med card just feign depression or something.
    Just be an outlaw grower on the sly. Good medicine at a price you can afford.

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