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  1. Some may seem like babble to others, but that's natural, nobody in this world should expect any other fellow being to be 100% compatible in thought and perspective of freedom.

    Some may have understand that statement perfectly, without question, they know how it relates to pro-marijuana activists and anti-marijuana activists.

    Simply put, until both sides can come to a compromise, marijuana will remain illegal.

    We should take initiative to see things from their perspective, and act as if we are trying to be anti-marijuana activists, seeing the importance of marijuana being legalized...

    This article focuses on the power that government has provided for itself, and is related the concept of a TRUE compromise.

    " This article was created on the 24th day of September, 2009

    The government will become so constitutionally corrupt that the people would have to beg them to step back and take a larger look at the big picture. It's possible to make a compromise once they see where we're heading, and know that we are spiraling too far out of control (the people‘s say in what is right or wrong in their country). Health care is a red flag, it's their way of cleaning up their own messes. What we are doing right now, is watching one man's goal as president, decide the fate a lasting, thriving, flourishing America. If the government gains control of our citizens' largest private enterprises, we will eventually run out of say. It's obvious that if everyone in America has no say in the outcome of a plan(the people), our appointed deciders will hold supreme power over us (the people). There will be our requests/and their say, and they won't plan on giving up their power, the power that they have been campaigning for-for what seems like their entire lifetime.

    Could you imagine living the good life, with everything you could ask for, and having your neighbor ask you to sacrifice some of it, just so they can live with the same liberties that you have?
    Most Americans would feel sensitive to the request. That's because they are still in touch with the foundation of our nation. The drug czar will never open his eyes, not when he's in charge of billions, BILLIONS of dollars. Why would a greedy man living in his own fantasy world give it up?

    "We the people" ring a bell? Yeah right, not anymore, the next change to our constitution may look a little something like this, "You the people, in order to form a more perfect utopia, establish, just us, insure domestic futility, provide for the common government, promote the General's welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and only us, do ordain and establish this Utopia for 'US'.

    I hope I've made an obvious link to corruption, even if it is only at it's smallest stage. I hope there are some good Americans out there, with a say, that are willing to correct the corruption that's growing from within our succubus government, before the gap of say is too wide, the more noise our government makes, the less we will be heard.

    When was the last time you heard our civilians' voice in the media? …You'd think we're mute.


    I think that there is plenty to add to that article before it becomes convincing, but it's a start.

    I also wrote an article that explains how there is corruption in the government, it's not the kind of corruption that comes to mind, it's much more mild, but still an obvious example of unjust behavior performed by the government.

    " The Marihuana Tax act of 1937 allows some states to claim up to 2000$ in tax dues for the confiscated marijuana.

    This statement may seem like it should be more interesting to marijuana advocates, than say, anti-marijuana campaigners, but...

    The states cannot claim any tax dues if valid drug tax stamps are presentable.

    The state, offering drug tax stamps, taxing the possession of marijuana... claiming up to 2000$ in tax dues if you are caught and do not pay the taxes... that are put on a currently illegal substance. If you think that system belongs in a country that was founded on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, where everyone is equal, and allowed their unalienable rights, you are most likely already working for the government one way or another. If you can see how that's corrupt, then you are most likely a citizen that is heavily impacted by the government.

    Do we trust our government with health care? I'm sure many do, but those who don't are most likely concerned with the free enterprise market. The government is now dictating the fate of our health care and fighting for as much power as they can get.

    If we could grasp the concepts of early America, and notice the founding fathers' emphasis on serving THE PEOPLE, we could really flourish. Until then, we will find countless examples of a national divide, where the middle class grows thin, and government's addiction to power outweighs the freedoms of its own people… EQUALITY? I think not.


    This was a response to the gateway drug excuse for keeping marijuana illegal, more of a ramble, but some points can surely be extracted as well as added, such as the percentage of users for hard drugs/ marijuana. Anyway, here's the excerpt...

    " "Gateway drug" applies to people that are willing to dive into that black hole.
    Marijuana couldn't be considered a gateway drug if it were legal and regulated. The whole gateway drug scheme is almost as reasonable as saying that allowing a child to play with a sling shot will inevitably turn him into a serial killer.

    A kid plays with slingshot to have fun, if he decides to snipe people on the freeway, that's not because he played with a slingshot, it's because he's just not right in the head.

    Now-> For those of you reading my response, disagreeing, look at it this way.

    Marijuana, considered a gateway 'drug', classifies it as equal to harsh street drugs. Id like to state that many people that advocate the legalizing of marijuana would only like to do so, so they can live out their ordinary life without being in danger of breaking the law.
    If marijuana was legal, those people would be able live a perfectly legal life without living on the opposite side of the law. The opposite side of the law is were the hard drugs belong, by bringing marijuana out of the same classification, it's stupid to continue to consider it a "gateway drug".

    It may not stand as a plausible statement today, but 16 years from the day marijuana is legalized, it wouldn't even make sense to say that it is in anyway a link to hard street drugs, especially if the government can do it's part in educating our future generations of how to use it responsibly.

    If marijuana was legal, I would be able to smoke it after work, after all my responsibilities have been tended to, without the fear of being seen as a criminal. America's stand on marijuana is sickening to me, it's an obvious failure and I've been hoping to contact Barney Frank to discuss a compromise for those that oppose the responsible use of marijuana, medical and recreational.

    If anyone is interested in making solid progress in the legalization of marijuana, be sure to message me, I'll look over everyone's opinion.

    If you oppose the legalization of marijuana, then I STRONGLY suggest you message me with reasoning for opposition. "

    Here's the article that i started with, it was typed in order to attempt to wake up some die hard anti-marijuana advocates that aren't quite sure why it should even be illegal in the first place.

    " This article was created on the 23rd day of September, 2009

    America is a group of people inside a large house. Every single person within that house had equal rights, living with the lights on, at first. Every person in the house was a guest until they decided to appoint governors to help guide them. These governors were elected to serve one purpose and one purpose only, they agreed to do so when accepted their role as governor, and that was to serve to people to ensure the greatest satisfaction possible, within this house.
    At first, the lights in this house were on. The lights allowed every guest in the house to see where they were headed, and with this light they were much happier than they were in the dark. As life in this house flourished, new guests arrived. The guests that had originally inhabited this house were considered "more important" than the new guests. After quite some time, the "more important" guests decided that it wasn't right for the "less important" guests to live with the lights on. One of the "more important" guests was able to become a governor and he preached to the "more important" guests that the lights were causing the "less important" guests to feel as happy and free as the "more important" guests (This was America BEFORE equality). Governors agreed that guests of varying importance should NOT have the ability to FEEL (or be) equal, thus, the lights where switched off for EVERYONE (We are still in the dark today because of this poor display of problem solving, which has spiraled out of control). As the governors and A-Class (“more important” guests) acquired more and more power over the B-Class (“less important” guests) , it became harder and harder for the voices of the B-Class to be heard.
    Eventually, life in this big house seemed to battle it out until equality among it's guests were achieved (yet, still in the dark). Today, there are many classes living within our house, living under the laws of our own appointed governors. The lights are still off, as they have been for decades, and a massive majority of inhabitants that experienced the switch from light to dark are no-longer around to provide the truth behind our poor display of problem solving, during a day of inequality among our guests. The reasoning for the “lights-out” policy has been the focus of many guests in our modern day. The governors have since then been linking it to B-Class behaviors, not the B-Class of the past, but today's modern B-Class, the “evil” that exists within out house. Today's A-Class has been listening and following our governors, they have been believing any evidence that the governors have been able to conjure.
    The guests that are sitting in the dark, along side our governors, do not know what life's like with the lights on. Many guests still fear that turning the lights on will “bring our house to ashes“. They want to know, but they can't even turn to their governors for answers, for the governors too, are uncertain of what life is like with the lights on, they feel torn between their reputation and their duty. Every governor in this house would like to join the guests and live within an enlightened house, but refuse to allow it, and can't even prove that it's not right, for they too sit helplessly without any guidance, the only thing they can do in order provide information for the guests is to point fingers.
    The lights were turned off because our house was divided UNJUSTLY. We may still be divided today but at least we have achieved equality. It's time to wake up and turn the lights on, our own fears have kept us from a truly happy life.
    There is a new era of guests, and they've spent enough time in the closet with the light on to know, that living in the dark is unnecessary, and every reason for living in the dark is UNJUST. Every reason for living in the dark has been conjured. Every reason for life without light has been provided by people that are living in the dark. The enlightened guests would like to suggest an Enlightened “house”. You've been campaigning against it without experiencing it and that my friend, is UNJUST.


    I'm sure I'll have more to say on the topic very soon, possibly even later tonight. I think I'll post all of my articles here so others can gain perspective on the entire Legalization movement, and how it is necessary in a number of different circumstances.
  2. although i respect your views because everyone should be able to express their thoughts and feelings i respectufully disagree on the first article about health care. you say the people are silent on obamas health care reform i believe over 50% of the nation voted for obama and i dont thinnk he hid his thoughts on how he wants healthcare during his campaign its not surprising his campaign slogan was change he is giving us change that is why the majority of america voted him in office because the shit has already hit the fan and he is just the next person in line to get blamed.. do i agree with everything obama is doing no. but am i surprised at everything obama is doing no. why because he talked about this stuff during his campaign.. everyone knows democrats have always raised taxes why are we surprised.. because when rrepublicans are in office liberal media gets all the attention when democrats are in office republicans and their radicals get all the attention same thing we see on fox now-a-days are the same hings we saw on msnbc and cnn during bushs terms
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    just as you disagree with me, respectfully, i do the same.

    I guess what needs to be done in order to understand that the health care mess is a government benefit, is to follow the picture back to its root of The Government vs the People.

    If you skim through the other articles u may find that i go farther in-depth than this brief response but, basically there are millions of civilians, and only a handful of people that work in the government/for the government that can be elected as president. -RED FLAG- If you can somehow look at all of government behavior, and compare it to the constitution morals that this nation was founded on, and the morals that the government is supposed to be working toward, you'd see that there is an 'UNEXPLAINED' difference. The constitution is more and more beautiful every time i think about it, especially when i compare it to the blunders of our modern government.

    Anyway, to continue on with the election note, that more than 50% voted for obama is not the point. The point should be made that we have to pick the best of the worst. Those people that run for president may be wonder wonderful people, truly wonderful, but the government that they work for today is corrupt, simply put. Until the corruption of the government is rid, all leaders of our nation will be making decisions that support the government, in order to support the people.

    Government before people? that's not how it's supposed to be, putting the government before the people paints an obvious picture of the government superiority over the people.

    The statement that sums it up the best in my opinion is,
    "The more noise our government makes, the harder it will be for the people to be heard."

    *After reading over my response, i'd like to make sure that i make perfectly clear that I DO NOT think that the government is brutally corrupt, but i do think that handing them bits and pieces of control over the people is a HORRIBLE MISTAKE. A little corruption now could grow exponentially if it is not recognized and fixed as soon as possible.
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    -I'd strongly suggest you bookmark this and read the older articles when you have more time-

    Here's a bombshell perception piece that adresses both side of the issue directly to ask our government to accept our compromise, we are allowing you to legalize marijuana... if you've been keeping it from the american people in order to make their lives better, without it, then you should be damn ready to make it legal, to make our lives better. Listen up and move on, Please.

    " This article was typed in the early morning hours of September 28th, 2009

    I see a day where we are strong enough to say that we believe that it is so right that we should do everything in our name in history to keep no mystery of happyness, our nation flourishes, government backs off for some time and allows the economy to explode into a new level of happyness that is easily supported without the extra help of our government to examine our every day troubles in order to get back to politics and look farther into the future to find a way to serve your country and put the people’s love for you back into their hearts.

    After this revolution of acceptance, of compromise which we have all examined within our thoughts, the best days of america, where the government could take complete care of it’s citizens and allow them to truly enjoy it, by adding marijuana to our lives we can focus on the interesting duties of government, where we offer more to allow you guys to do your job! Either you’re begging for tax dollars, or your ignoring your citizens.

    Sounds negative on both sides doesn’t it?

    Well, by fighting a civilian demand and asking for their support, you are simply fighting to compromise which does not make sense… this is our current state and there’s one easy answer… Yes, if what you’re thinking doesn’t sound good then you’re most likely on the right track, that’s the meaning of compromise, to make life sound and look as good as possible for both sides before actually living it which is an honest waste of time. If our government is truly chasing something, still looking for equality between the government and the people, examining the question of whether or not marijuana should be legal then they are stupid for standing up against us. The longer they fighter us, the stupider they become, and when they’re ready to see the next best thing about america, they will legalize marijuana for a new era in american history, WHY WASTE OUR TIME CONSIDERING IT WHEN THE BOTTOM LINE IS, WE WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING FOR AMERICAN EQUALITY, WE WILL HAVE OUR WAY SO AMERICAN CAN MOVE ON WITH OUR LIVES. THOSE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH ARE BEGGING YOU DEARLY, PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR PEOPLE.


    *Edit- Summary from memory of my post, Government is in control, they are all caught up on marijuana, Basically we are driving toward america's highest government satisfaction rating in history, government is behind the wheel and they will be driving with the parking brake engaged until they look down at us, the automobile and realize that we are the people that are taking America places, they are simply keeping us on the road, we could both enjoy this ride with without damaging the people, and we can help support our government on it's quest to reaching a higher level of appreciation for the government. It's almost repetitive within our society in order to stimulate growth. Please stop stalling, your "perfect america" picture could use a touch up, and who knows... marijuana could play a role.
  5. A response to the idea of campaigning for legalization in the media by broadcasting commercials that show the deeper benefits of marijuana legalization.

    " I think it could be beneficial to run pro-marijuana commercials although i also think that that would send the wrong message to anti-marijuana advocates. The direction of the commercial would have to be very direct. Anything that varies from a direct statement that labels marijuana as a choice should not be considered.

    I think the steve jobs example could really help prove that marijuana is the stepping stone that America has been searching for, and until we have successfully planted it into the foundation of our nation, we will be waiting to progress.

    If everyone could openly and freely explore the deepest of their thoughts, we would all be be to better appreciate our current conditions. Appreciation for your country is critical in order to flourish, and it can be achieved by simply listening to this massive opposition, and supporting a nation of people that live their lives deciding on the small choices, instead of tying up the media with campaigns about how the government is wrong!

    Everyone needs to realize one thing in the end, legalizing marijuana will improve our economy on an individual level. We will spend our money on the important parts of life and the corruption of the economy will no longer be fed by civilians struggling to find happiness in 7 figure bank balances.

    If we can legalize marijuana, this corruption and expenditure would be pushed into the necessary corners of our economy that play a critical role in allowing America to thrive.
  6. I'd appreciate it if others would chime in too
  7. I watched comedy central's Daily Show and Colbert Report the other night and Jon had Ron Paul on the show. He was talking about how the government is, in a nutshell, putting themselves above the law. Governments defense seems to be that they are simply trying to make things right for their people. 20,000,000 people in favor of marijuana legalization is a huge chunk of support that our government could gain simply by ending this legalization battle.

    I'm not totally happy with our government today, but if marijuana was legalized, I'd have more faith in my country.

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