I totally dropped my buddy tonight

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Johhny Dukesup, May 13, 2010.

  1. We were at the Studio and at the end of class we all got to grapple, or do full contact or kickbox. Whatever you wanted pretty much. Me and my buddy Jo Jo boxed. I'm quite a bit better than he is and tonight I was like "Let's just bang it out." And he was throwing bolo's and I was pulling my puches quite a bit, cause were not trying to hurt each other or anything. 2nd round in he came in with some jabs or some shit and I threw a right over the top and hit him in the side of the head. It felt like I hit him with the bend of my fingers and not my knuckles. And honest to god I didn't throw it that hard, it just caught him flush as he was moving in I guess. But anyways he took a step back and the like flopped down. I was like "Fuck." I just killed Jo Jo. He looks like a little beaner by the way. lol Not really relevant, but i figured you'd like to know.

    Then everyone gathered around and was asking him questions and shit and I was like "Get away. Every one just leave." Cause I've been dropped before and I know it sucks when every one gathers around you and trys to console you. It just makes you feel like a bitch.
    But, Jo Jo took it like a hardass lol
    He said the only thing he remembers is sitting up. And Berry (the instructor) was talking to him. He doesnt remember me telling everyone to leave.
    I felt like a real cock though, cause I love that little fucker. And I dropped him, man. I apologized like 15 times.

    He fell so ungraceful though. He like shook as he fell or something.

    I'm sorry, I'm rambling. I'm extremely sleepy.
  2. Shit, when i was younger we used to slap box around here and my two friends who were extremly big for there age started and i guess one slaped one and the other slapped the other in a hostile way and they just started into a brawl, dude kinda ducked and poppd up to a hook to his chin, he went down like your were saying, he landed on the grass though, that was prob what saved him from having complications.
  3. let him know you feel like a ass. say exactly what you just said to us.

    o yeah, and smoke him up.

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