I took a home drug test....true story

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  1. And it came out positive after only three days of not smoking! Haha, who knew right? The cashier at CVS even wished me luck after I bought the test. Looks like I still have work to do so I can apply for some new jobs :p Oh, and apparently according to the test I took a street name for marijuana is "zig zag". Never heard that one. Or even better, "nose nachos" for cocaine.

    * I knew I was going to test positive after only three days. I just wanted to take it for shits and giggles. I'll be testing myself again in a week.
  2. Well "zig zag" is slang for joint paper, but i've definitely never heard the term "nose nachos" lol
  3. I love the terms anti-drug companies come up. I saw this one ad that was listing off slang names for marijuana and one of them was "Cush".
  4. what a waste of money....
  5. Wait at least a week before taking your next one... and don't forget, the actual lab tests are far more sensitive than your average dip-stick test.
  6. Oh definitely! I figured once I test negative on a home test I'll give myself an additional week for the lab tests. I'm a small person, 5'3" only 115 lbs. so I'm not too worried about it.

    Here is the test I took with the full street name chart :p

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  7. Not slang, it's a popular brand.
  8. "Gangster"
    "Chombly womblies"
  9. Yea, A classic as well.

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