I threw some seeds in a pot and i got some stuff!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ludwigdbasspro, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. one day i got bored of said id collect some dank bud i had and collect the seeds..... well they were rare to find soo about 2 months later i had 11 seeds..... i didnt know what i was doing soo i did the paper towel soaked in water.... i waited about 3 hours and took it out and planted them in the soil i got from my flower garden in the back yard about 2- 3 feet down where the ground turned color from dark to light and filled my flower pot...... the next day i had 9 plants..... i kept watering with my spray mister bottle and im on day 5..... its about 6 or 7 inches tall and has the casing and 2 jagged leaves..... im positive its marijuanna and the rest of the plants im guessing are grass.... i hope some of the other seeds will pop up later and i can transfer soo they can have space.... im using the light by the window and my spray mister...... i hope it works out haha anyone tell me about how many weeks it will be before i get a full pot leaf and about how many weeks till i can determine sex? and do i need more than 1 plant to bud? im a rookie haha just smoke the stuff im experimenting here i need some help!
  2. when it pops up is it sposed to look like a dandelion and then the 2 round leaves pop open and 2 jagged leaves pop out? im not sure whats goin on ill have some pictures in a few days!
  3. YEs this soulnd like a baby marijuana plant.. But 6-7 inches tall and only haveing its first set of true leaves sounds very streached..
  4. well it is outside so its possible i guess
  5. well my plant is for sure a pot plant... its about a pencil leangth long from soil to leaflet..... ill have pics up in a lil bit.... but it only has 2 true leaves... anyone know when the complete leaf will apear? im on day 5.... soo if you can tell me about how many days/ weeks/ till i get a full leaf and when i can start looking for sex? and what to look for?
  6. it is not outdoors tho.... i took the soil from outside.... it is in my computer room by the window.... im hoping it will be just like outside but with extra tender love and care!

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