I thought he was going to die.

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  1. So me and a few friends, j and s were supposed to chill at this huge ass park with a giant creek running threw for the day. We were supposed to go earlier but I was running late :p

    I ended up getting picked up by them around 2:30-3. We swing by and get a sack of some dank, we also got some tabs from the guy, we each popped 2 7.5's.

    We have a backpack with our iPods, a bong, a bowl, two mini bowls, a Sherlock, couple water bottle and our cigs. At this park we got a chill spot that's like a 10 minute walk through the woods, it's surrounded by an 8ft barbed wire fence but there's a hole in the bottom of part of the fence. Once you get inside the fence you climb a 15ft hill to see this:


    Now it's almost summer and it's about 85-90 and blazing hot, warmest day here in a minute so were sweating like crazy. We get to the top of the hill and sit in our lawnchairs we have hidden their. We load a couple bong/bowl packs and all spark a cig afterward.

    This is wear it gets bad, j's at the end of his cig and s goes "dude that cig had been just sitting there, why don't you just smoke it?" me and j exchange glances and continue on. S tries to stand and quickly falls back into his chair. He claimed it was just a headrush so we let him stand up again, he said everything was going black and falls back down.

    He claims "he's good" and stands back up and starts walking down the hill, he looks piss drunk and starts to gain speed heading down the hill, we chase after him but it's too late, he falls forward on a hill probably elevated about 70degrees. He falls face first and starts tumbling down the hill until he hits the fence.

    This is where it got scary, his eyes were closed and his skin was pale, me and j rushed to his aid. He said he just wanted to lay down for a minute so we let him, gave him a bottle of water. We eventually get him to sit up and drink some water and he begins to regain his color.

    It turns out the asshole didn't eat since the morning the day before. I stayed with s while j took the walk through the woods and drove down the street to get s a slice of pizza and some chicken fingers. He was gone for about 40mins so me and s just chilled on the hill listening to some tunes in the sun.

    J gets back with the food, s eats, we chill for about another 15 and s is good to walk now. We made a lap around the whole lake shit in our bare feet, and it was awesome because it's just a liner with mushy sand under it.

    We left that spot and went to another crazy ass spot I'll probably make a thread about. Me and j were so fucked up and didn't even know what to do, some scary ass shit, be careful guys never do shit on an empty stomach it will fuck you up.
  2. "you're not you when you're hungry."
  3. "we all strive for perfection"
  4. Yeah dude, trying to take care of your friends when you're high is the scariest shit ever. I thought my buddy ODed on ambien one time but it turned out he was just asleep :p. Needless to say I freaked the fuck out.
  5. christ, that guy out to get checked out for the diabeetus.

    i went 80+ hours this past weekend without sleep or food. i lost ~15lbs, and being 130lbs to start with it was kinda crazy.
  6. wow what happened to you???
  7. I just can't keep my composure on this site today, lol
  8. i dexed thursday night and used a little bit of speed the other two nights. went peacefully to sleep after sex sunday night.

    only once was i afraid of passing out: climbing a giant hill with a 60lb pack. :)

    it wasn't being afraid of passing out but having a heart attack and falling in a ditch. my heart has never pounded like that before.
  9. For sure dude, shit gets real so fast it's redicoulous.
  10. Sounds like S just pulled that stunt to get someone to buy him some munchies.
  11. Lol that be epic but j took his wallet to buy them :p
  12. What he said... that would be the funniest shit I've ever heard in my life.
  13. Is that really a lake or could it be a water reservoir?

    The reason I ask is if you are seen in there and anyone responds, they will search the crap out of you. Part of the post 9-11 procedures to insure terrorists are not poisoning the water.:wave:
  14. It is I'm pretty sure, we walked by a building in the back and a sign said "DANGER: Sodium Hypochlorite: Keep out"

    So they're cleaining it, and the only way to get in is threw a hole in an 8ft barbed wire fence. :laughing:
  15. Hmm, that sucks. I would be freaking out if that happened to me. I get kinda of paranoid when I blaze with people I don't know.
  16. it was all good, we're all good friends.
  17. You guys are good friends, and he's lucky he didn't go to the hospital. He should get checked out however.
  18. That's a hella sketch spot to blaze dude! If the cops roll up your pretty much trapped in there with bud and pieces on you! You should stick to natural bodies of water lol...we'll do that when i come back this summer

    and that's good your friend came to and shit, something similar happened to me kinda..me and 2 friends were longboarding last year down a big ass hill, and I jumped off going fast and tried to run down the slope, and of course going that fast only got about 5 steps in before falling face first...luckily I just scraped up my hands and knees but it coulda been a lot worse if I hit my face
  19. Make another thread about yall being fucked up and not knowing what to do
  20. You friend just whited out, it happened to my friend to and I got really fuckin scared. You need to make sure that you're taking proper care of your body and eating and staying hydrated or this type of shit will happen.

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