"i thought a _ was a _ "stories.

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  1. so im on as fuck and i just thought a black bucket was my cat.
    i went outside to feed it and was calling it for like 30 seconds.. lol

    anyone else have anything funny like that happen before..
  2. Me and a friend were chilling at a park and my phone makes a little noise every time it receives a text. My friend heard that little tone and thought it was a robot in the bushes, and then the bush moves and we both run like hell. The rest of the night we thought the F.B.I was tracking us.
  3. Hahahah dude I sit there and stare at shit for fucking hours when I'm baked in my car, like one time I thought a fucking garbage can was a bear (lots of bears where I live) so I just sat there staring at the fucking thing for legit... an hour maybe more LOL!

    Another time me and my buddy were hitting the bubbler, and it had just finished raining and the street lights were reflecting off the road, and I stared at this one spot for like 5 minutes and I was like "Dude theres a fucking ghost legit" and I had to run over and check it out ahahah

  4. One time I thought a dude was a chick and now my asshole is loose

  5. lulz?
  6. One time I thought nothing was my ninth grade math teacher
  7. one time i thought a tree stump was a giant ass turtle.
  8. I thought that little green thing was a nug:smoke:
  9. one time i thought me and my friends were pink

  10. you need... BEAR PATROL!! Google Images
  11. This one time my mom knew I was fucked up so she decided it would be really funny to mess with me. She told me there was an old man in the back yard and he wouldn't leave. Well I looked outside and I saw him (it turned out to be just a lawn chair with a towel on it) and I was like oh shit! I went to my room and ended up just falling asleep. :)
  12. I thought my girlfriends asshole was her pussy.
  13. I thought that my friend was trying to scare me behind a corner so I tackled him but it wasnt my friend.
  14. This just happened lol, got baked and had a shower looked at the shampoo when it was in my hand, i thought the reflection on the shampoo was a peice of glass, and i tryed to pick it out, took me a few seconds to realize what i was doing aha, :smoke:

  15. Classsic mix up
  16. Haha. I was pretty high watchin a movie with a friend... Anyway it was pretty Hot and He has this Small vent runnin and all the time when there was a silent moment in the movie it sounded like a car outside was runnin and i was like: damn when is this asshole gonna drive away?! He just looked at Me like wtf
  17. one time i was super blitzed off some super silver haze and we were playing disc golf. I thought a small chunk of wood was a fucking groundhog staring at me. then i got closer and it wasnt.
  18. i once went in to my fridge and looked for something to eat and thought that steak was pizza. and i was just about to throw it in to the microwave until i saw that it was steak. still ate it :)
  19. nothing specific that I can remember but I remember staring at something KNOWING it wasn't what it looked like and I knew my high ass was playing tricks on myself but I couldn't make out what it was for the life of me haha
  20. LOL fuckin' ghosts man, I'm telling ya!

    Fuck chea dude, legit, so many of these fucko's that come and take my garbage and spread it all over like ruhtards

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