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I This A Good Place To Stash My 12 Bong With Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dat username, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. So, I bought a brick of pineapple and a bong. What I was thinking of doing is when done smoking, I should gently pour the bong water into an empty plastic water bottle. Then, getting tissue to plug up the downstream and mouth piece. After that, I can wrap this old big shirt I have around the bong to prevent it from cracking when it comes into contact, prevent clanking, and a deterrent to the smell and I should coat it withsome Febreeze. It'll be in the way back under my bed and I have these containers that block off the sight of the bong and the brick of pot. I'll have the brick wrapped up in a bag and a big brown paper. Do you think this is a good way to stash it? My parents never look under my bed because its too messy (lol). I already know how to prevent te smell and smoke going all over the place so I've got all that under control. I just need your opinion on this strategy.
  2. Lol I wouldn't recommend keeping a 12" bong at your rents place. Go buy a bowl and a weed jar.
  3. Dude been going through stashing stuff at rents house before. There is really no good way to stash stuff at your crib man, sooner or later that thing is gonna get dirty and stink! unless u vaccum seal that thing, put it in ur attic or shed and only get it when the rents are gone!
  4. idk about you my 'rents' use the attic and shed
  5. Yeah but what are the odds of your rents picking the box u stash ur pipe in if u choose it wisely! Really think about how much crap is in an attic and a shed. But if ur parents are ocd the disregard that plan

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