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I think.............

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. .....................................I'm high!!!!!!!

    Took me two hours to do two bongloads..................yup. I'm there!!!

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  2. Looking good a stoned to me!!!!!!
  3. that little weasel dude looks super fucking paranoid high
  4. I LOVE that fuckin' little weasel. I just sit here and watch it when I'm all stoned and shit. It makes me laugh...heh.
  5. I remember why I saved that weasel!! Me and the ol' man were watchin' some movie (can't remember the name)......a family was travelin in their in the backseat........the fat little boy said he had to go to the bathroom....#2........said he was prarie doggin'. The parents wanted to know what 'prarie doggin' meant. He said "You know when a prarie dog pokes his head in and out of his hole." The ol' man laughed so hard I thought he was gonna choke!!!

    NOTE: I'm using it here for the entertainment value.........not because I'm 'prarie doggin'!!!
  6. LMAO

    I like th weasel. I was thinking more of pop goes the weasel. I guess because of Samantha!
  7. im high

    dont remember
  8. that prairie dod is paranoid wanna know why

    "A weed smoker gets busted every 45 seconds and people wonder why we're paranoid"

    i got that quote off a T-shirt
  9. oh yeah, now that im not high, i remember that i was gonna say that i saw that movie..and the movie is

  10. Mr. Bean
  11. Care Bears
  12. YEAH!!!! Mr. Bean!!! John Lovitz was drivin' the station wagon!!!!! HA HA HA !!!! Good movie!!!! We watched Ace Ventura last nite........I ALWAYS LMAO at that movie!!!!!
    "Obsess much?" and "Like a glove!"
  13. Hey stonie it's good to see ya posting again!!!
  14. MR BEAN!! WOO HOO!!
  15. i caught it:D
  16. You guys wanna hear something cute? Well, I don't care cause i'm gonna tell you anyways. I was driving the other day and I turned on the high beams and my little brother was like "oh look, we turned on our jelly fish light " ;)

    im callin it that from now on
  18. I was really high, so it was extra cute. Kids are so funny, they notice the stupidest shit ;)
  19. im listening to the green bay, chicago game, and marley is jammin....

    when i was a kid, i got mauled by a that was my halloween costume for that year.

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