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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dclacey, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. Ive just come to visit my gran over night as i havnt seen her in a while, n whilst in the bathroom i was a bit bummed to discover that i had no lighters that work, n i was going to sneak a a few quick toots, however my mother always told me i could nevr let my gran know i smoked weed so i cudnt just go and ask her for one. I had a tin full of sprinkled rocky and a yogurt however (no spoon), so i decided that eating the entire a load would be a better idea than smoking it.
    Now ive just been chillin out, reading some topics and i was looking on another website with someone talking about the meaning of life, anyway this dude sed he believed the truth and apparently knew the answer, so im thinking this is going to be quite interesting, 10 mins later after beingput thru the biggest load of bs in my life i sit here confused, this person spent an entire page telling me how there could never be a truth, and that everything had to come from somewhere and that humans where nothing, and then he started going on about the bible etc.... now personally i have no problems with ne1 believing nefing, but it seems to me that as soon as you set yourself one belief you start to limit yourself, every religion every belief has good points n bad points, and as soon as you start agreeing or disagreeing you start conflicts, i think people should just realize that their just here, they gotta make the most of it, i dont need a set of rules to tell me how to be a good person, in your head you know whats right and wrong (in general atleast). In the end if ive lived a good life and die happy and there is a god i hope that he knows i did what i could n tried my best to get by n not hurt ne1, n im sure that if god is so alnighty and why he is way above caring about the worship of humans, he gave us a gift, wen sum1 gives you a gift for christmas do you pray to them everynight for a better one next year, people are religious it seems to me, because there parents make them so, ive never met a child coming from religious parents, who is not of that religion, the child has no choice, why does this almightu being want us to go to a brick building every sunday, does no one realise it doesnt make sense, i know im also just talking about christianity, but as it is my background, i am more familier in my dislike for it. but i dont trust any group of people that write a really good book, beg for money to save the church roof, the church is one of the biggest land owners in the world, im sure they could spare a little bit. In the end it comes down to the fact that religion, was a way for men years ago to do make money, own land, and be respected, without having to do nefing, cept keep people believing, by burning a witch every now n then. you ever seen robin hood the prince of thieves, thats what teh church is like. If gods there then dont worry coz hopefully your living a good life, do what you want, dont hurt no body, no tell no one there right or wrong, i aint saying what ive just sed is the truth, i cant even remember what ive wrote but all i know is that i dont need a promise of heaven to wanna be a good person, n it dont seem to me anyone else does, maybe where all just scared of death, well i dunno, but all i know is that if there aint a god wen i die, it wont matter, i just get a nice rest, but least ill know that i didnt waste every sunday of my life sat in a room being told im going to hell if i dont repent or give money to stop the roof from leaking or wotever, religion causes war and not much else, hope and thats what people need, but not wen it means living your life by a set of rules you read in a book, everyone gets there hand in life, its how you play the game that matters, wether you bluff, wether you fold, or wether you hit the jackpot, those were the cards you got dealt, itsthe luck of the draw, i could of been born 100 years ago in china, its just my luck, i have a nice house n shit, n im thankfull for it all, but sum ppl aint, n that aint no ones fault, thats just because of the world we live in, theres no meaning to life, were just intelligent amimals, who have alot of time to think because weve made everything so easy for ourselves, humans seem to have this idea that we are special and somehow more important than everything else, just coz were at the top of the food chain apparently, you put me in a room with a lion or sum shit n ill tell you whod be top of the food chain, not me, we aint nothing, a large dog can take down the average person, you try fighting a gorrialla or suming n u tell me how far a belief in god and going to hcurch every sunday got ya, there is no meaning, thats why you just gotta enjoy it the best you can, and wen you die, and god tells you the meaning of life, cum n see me ill admit im wrong but until that day, im not gonna worry about it, and i hope you dont either.

  2. yeah I'll have to read it but man a little formating pliz !! (maybe U can edit it ?..)
  3. I just read all that yes all of it.

    And I think the world would be great if everybody thought like this. If all religion was banned and everyone got on with thier life and thier was no religion just a society where everyone got along it would be perfect. and money if money, polotics and religion where gone and we all traded in pot and food there would be no royal family no commonwelth none of that shit and it would all be just perfect. lets say 1 once for a nice 10 kilos of beef and rice.

    fuck I just got onto some nice tasty hydro the smell in my room is so frooty i goto get some more m,mmmmm :}

  4. from your description of it, i was with this guy uptio this point. :D

    i was (and am) far more in agreement with what you wrote.... that was a quality rant there. with you every step of the way. maybe thats due to similar backgrounds that i can "get it" so easily.

    religion that claims to have conclusions has no truth at all.
  5. Sorry for it all being in one block on text, ill go back an edit when i get get some more time make it a bit of accessable, its just i had alot of stuff to get off my chest quickly, so the typing was attempting to be as fast as i was thinking, Im glad there are like minded people here, been along time since someone agreed with me, or even tried to udnerstand what i was talking about.

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