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i think this might beat a drug dog.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toking noob, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Alright. So everybody is scared of drug dogs. What if you double bagged your stash and then submerged it in water? Like a metal thermus? Assuming that there was no smell of pot on the bottle could it work? Mabye a different liquid? Baby oil? yall definately have more expirence than me so what do yall think?
  2. Wouldn't work, odors permeate, even through liquid. People have been arrested after dogs found weed in pvc pipe inside a gas tank.
  3. Just bring in a whole lot of sausages and use them as a diversion.
  4. remember when trying to conceal-youre not supposed to eliminate the smell, you want to camouflage it....and trust me, ground coffee works....but i must say, liquids, especially thick liquids would do the job imo...
  5. Only way is to put it in raw meat
  6. Bullshit! Don't listen to this, Dogs smell like we see. We smell stew and see carrots, beans, peas, meat. Dogs see stew and smell carrots, peas, beans, meat. Put pot and coffee in a bowl and they'll smell coffee and pot. It takes time for the smell to come through if covered.
  7. Saw an episode of "Border Wars" recently and a drug dog alerted to some barrels in a semi-truck... Turns out there were bricks of marijuana submerged in barrels of Aloe Vera

    Someone watched Never Get Busted... :p
  8. easy with the bs man...i got thru international customs with a bag wrapped in coffee....yeah, if you have those poodles sniffing you for a fortnite, youll get need to plan for the occasion...

  9. First off, that's an extremely stupid thing to do... Who's to say that the dog was a weed dog? I'm pretty sure dogs are trained to sniff for 1 particular substance. Maybe you ran up against a cocaine dog...
  10. life is full of risks...and we take them do we not?

  11. Yes, but any risk that can me prevented should be...
  12. there are unfrtunately too many risks we take on a daily basis...precaution is fine but there is no end to it...everything in moderation as they say....
  13. You would need to use the right material. I know that most plastics will leak smell right thorough. The trick is to thoroughly sanatize the outside of the container and your hands before inserting it into the next container. A small stench from your hands will just sit on the outside of the container convienently for the dog no matter how smell proof your bagging is.
  14. I got some raw meat for ya right here. ;)

    Too easy.
  15. what if you put it in something that a dog would normally go for, like raw meat like bongbabe said?

    i doubt they can train dogs to not like the smell of raw meat

  16. Yeah, I've been in many discussions with people about this... I just think that the handler isn't going to be dumb enough to fall for it...
  17. yeah i could see that as being kinda suspect.
  18. [quote name='Mafia93']Saw an episode of "Border Wars" recently and a drug dog alerted to some barrels in a semi-truck... Turns out there were bricks of marijuana submerged in barrels of Aloe Vera

    makes me wonder where my weed has been
  19. dont bag it...just take a shit in a bag...then sprinkle in the bud...sounds about right:devious::D.

    All seriousness, I heard that if you like...have your baggy and bag it, then vaccume seal it and bag it then submerge in water and scrub..then..okay i totally fucked this up. tis creepin on meh :smoke:.

    OKAY, the guy said you gotta do alot of bagging pretty much and somehow wash it off and rebag...idk. Im sorry this post was completly and utterly pointless.
  20. I remember watching an episode of MANswers and they said the best way to go is to stuff it in with raw meat, the cop may think it's just wanting the meat if it keeps sniffing it or whatever.

    But the best way to go would be to not put yourself in a situation where you'd run the risk of dealing with the dogs, or cops in general.

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