I think this is Nutrient Burn, but what do you think?

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  1. Here is a pic of what I believe is nutrient burn. Does anyone have any thoughts?


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  2. could be, not much information to go on... what kind of nutrients do you use? what stage is the plant? what type of light, L.E.D. or HPS? Additives? Do you pH and water to 30% runoff everytime? Answer some of these and we can get a better picture of what it might be, it does look like some type of liquid may have gotten on it, the yellowing looks like a Calcium deficiency though....

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  3. I don't think it is nutrient burn. As said above looks like you splashed it. Just know a nutrient solution will burn your leafs or make the deformed ect if splashed on leafs, especially synthetic nutes. If you look at the leafs on the left and right, the tips have no burns.
    A full picture of the plant helps alot more though.

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  4. You can't look at a single leaf plucked from a plant and tell anything. Need more info on how you tend the plant, what your setup looks like and a pic taken under natural lighting, of the whole plant....new growth and old. Old growth, which this likely is, dies off throughout the life of the plant. Unless you have problems happening on the new growth, you likely don't have a problem. Don't stake the weight at harvest on nutes. To grow a plant...or to get a plant to grow the way you want, you must have adequate lighting. Nutes feed plants...and that's it. The nutritional balance of a plant throughout it's life is important, but you can pour chemicals in all day long and unless you have the light to force growth, you'll still be disappointed. Find a reliable proven source and study up on how to tend the MJ plant and what it's cycles are like so you'll know what to expect. TWW
  5. Well here's my setup:

    Grow tent with 2 light sources. Started with 2 x 400w Metal Halide bulbs. Once I saw signs of buds, switched to 2 x 400w High Pressure Sodium bulbs. I have an exhaust fan running at all times.

    They are now on a 12 hours on/12 hours off timer, ever since the buds started.

    Here are some photos of the entire plants (3 different varieties) The first pic is the one I took the closeup of the leaf from: fullsizeoutput_1d52.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1d52.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1d52.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1d50.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1d5a.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1d52.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1d50.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1d5a.jpeg
  6. Need natural lighting to tell anything special. Um that is a tall ass plant BTW. No plant training at all?

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  7. No training, no. Ok I'll pull them out of the tent and take some more pics tonight.
  8. I would throw them outside and harvest out there. Restart with new plants and make sure to top them once a week. Keeps ur timer on 18/2 untill there big (not heighth) enough to flip to 12/12
  9. Is there danger from animals like deer or rabbits outside? I'm in a semi-rural area with a lot of woods around my property.
  10. No you should be fine. Throw em in the sun theyll love it. What size is your tent?
  11. I would put them out tere at night tho
  12. It's about 6' tall and about 5' square
  13. Ya perfect for outdoor. You need to train your plants inside so u have multiple tops versus just one that way your plant isnt above your light and outgrowing your tent.
  14. Most plants will stretch about double to triple the height from you veg point. So depending on grow area ect, that's how you decide when to flip to 12/12.

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  15. That is deficiency not burn. Looks like phosphorus deficiency to me.
    Cannabis Phosphorus Deficiency - See the Symptoms & Get the Solution! | Grow Weed Easy

    Looks like your leaves. I think you're starving the plant. It needs more feed all the way around. A larger pot would help. You need to get into training. You can't grow a plant past the light.. hehe. You should have the top of the plant 18" or so below the light.

    LST and supercropping are your friends. You don't need topping just read up on those two techniques.
    Low Stress Training (LST) Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy
    Super Cropping Marijuana: Simple Secret to Bigger Yields | Grow Weed Easy

    The way to get a good yield indoors is to have a plant canopy that is only about 18" deep max and has a grow top in every available spot in the light footprint. Whatever method you use to do that doesn't matter weather it's supercropping, scrog net, ect. That even trained canopy is how you maximize an indoor space though. Straight up untrained growing is for outdoors where light distance, headroom, light footprint, and penetration doesn't matter.
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  16. Keep your indoor Tent clean is good practice and can prevent future problems like mold or unwanted critters.

    Usually I trim the dying leaves off.

    And training is a must indoors, topping bare minimum
  17. Yep, an artificial environment requires an artificially trained plant to get the most out of it. You're not working with the sun. You have to make adjustments to make the most of it. Anything further than about 24" from your lights optimal zone is going to be airy larf you won't want to smoke.

    An indoor garden needs to be sculpted. You can do this so many ways. One way is to make a carpet of small plants and bud them right away (sea of green). This method has fallen out of favor because of all the clone work involved, plant count numbers being part of laws, ect. but there's hardly a method that is able to make a more perfect canopy and so sea of green is one of the best yielding methods. You get a perfectly even canopy with just the right amount of penetration for indoor lighting but you don't have to train the plant at all. You also shorten veg time to only a week or two.

    I love this graphic.
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