I think this is about to be my bike. Thoughts?

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  1. Ok, little back story. My car just got totaled, no cash, need transportation.

    I have been searching for a reliable biek for a while, but now I need one as actual transportation, instead of just a toy.

    I have found this bike through a friend of a friend. For $1000. It is a 1990 Yamaha XT600e (Enduro). Rebuilt engine / carbs 3 months ago (supposively). It has been repainted Blue, and has a few cosmetic issues. It was a project bike for him and he used it as transportation for 2 years instead of his cars (Supposively). Well maintained though.

    I rode it today and it has alot of Grit, I feal like I can take on the world with the bike. Was surprisingly comfortable, and plenty quick for a 21 year old bike and handled the road perfectly fine with its less aggresive enduro tires. VERY SOLID BIKE.
    Its missing some plastics, and horn doesn't work (easily fixed im sure). He wants 1k and I am debating whether or not to buy it. Thoughts?

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  2. Sounds like a deal to me. If the work really happened u should be good to go. $1000 for any name brand bike that's running and streetable is pretty fair. Long as its not thrashed. I'd buy that.
  3. For $1k its not bad, but I'd be more comfortable buying something newer even if it was a little more expensive.

    DRZ-400's are about 2k now, and it'll be 7-8 yrs old compared to 21 yrs old.
  4. I bought an old 91 cr125r and it ripped harder than my 01 125. And it was $400. Older is def just as good if its been well maintain
  5. Yea but a repaint, rebuilt engine, rebuilt carb, and who knows what else.

    If he's a good friend that you trust, you should be fine. If its a craigslist ad or a friend of a friend, do a good check or have someone else check it out.

    Yamaha makes some damn good bikes though. I've been looking for something similar to that but with a smaller engine for just city commuting.

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