i think this girl wants my shit

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  1. so i have a girlfriend, and one of my closest friends, another girl i used to have feelings for a while ago, also is in a relationship. she tells me all the time that im practically her best friend and we're obviously attracted to each other

    do you think "you're my best friend" means "if we weren't in relationships, i'd smoke your cock?"

    i'm probably wrong but i think that's not out of the question...

  2. Probably. Girl I work with told me a month ago I was her best friend at work, 2 weeks later we are parked in the back seat of my car every day after work for a week haha.
  3. stick your hand down her pants next you see her. that should give you a definitive reaction
  4. your shit or your dick?
    maybe she is just a friend . It could be that she has a thing for you, but if it goes a while without being acted on chances are its just a friend thing
  5. does she want your shit in a cup or wrapped up as a gift?
  6. Aww i thought this was going to be a thread about a chick wanting you to take a dump on her, I'm slightly disappointed.

  7. It could mean that... or it could just mean "you're my best friend". :p
  8. sorry guys i should've wrote "dick" not "my shit" because i understand it's a common misconception to think a girl wanted me to shit all over her
  9. you know what they say:

    Shit on me once - shame on you, shit on me twice - shame on me!
  10. lol @ shit jokes instead of advice :bongin:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuedGDhkQKg]JIM LAHEY'S "SHIT TALK" (VOLUME 1) - YouTube[/ame]
  11. This thread has me rollin!
  12. might as well take a chance and see.

  13. fixed
  14. Girl wanting your poop, and girl combusting your penis??? In that case give her the shit on her chest, but the second one is a no no
  15. So you'll only break up with your gf , unless you know if your will be your gf?
  16. Depends if you roll a cockjoint

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