I think some of the more Professinal pot smokers.

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  1. I think some of the more cleaner cut pot smokers should go to a couple anti drug seminaries or anti-marijuana meetings and see what they are saying and maybe speak out to prove some points.
  2. I 100% agree with this.

    Whenever I go to rallies or marches they're always a bunch of dirty old shirtless hippies that are on drugs.

    It certainly doesn't help the cause.
  3. I mean you cant really blame them but still it makes marijuana look like a bad "drug" and dosnt do anything to help legalization.
  4. Jeffry miron is a professor at harvard who has been on some talk shows and written about the drug war, most notably Costs of Marijuana Prohibition: Economic Analysis

    We definitely need more tho. There was a thread awhile ago about 'stoner culture' and whether blades liked it or not. A significant majority said no because they didnt want to be wrongly labeled as stupid or lazy. This is exactly why intelligent, hard-working marijuana users should voice themselves and break any notion of marijuana making you lazy and unambitious the public may hold. The smaller their voice is, the bigger the impression were all lazy stoners.
  5. lol define clean cut...like in the office here ive got a button up collard shirt on, business pants, and red eyes, but when im not here, i defs am NOT in that attire hahahha. Its amazing how a shirt can change your appearance so quickly hahah but i assume you mean like wearing all hemp crazy colored epic clothes with epic long dreds and a long epic beard...those type...those people...are always the best people...its sad they are frowned upon
  6. I think they mean 'not your typical stoner' folks. You know, people with good jobs, families, etc. When you look at them, you wouldn't make them for a stoner. Most people don't realize that a large majority of pot smokers aren't red-eyed, dread wearing, living on a commune types.
  7. i know an im just saying, i have a good job, i dont have a family.. well my own haha i have parents... If you walked into my work, you would be like haha look at that straight edge kid over there, then i leave and i swap my shirt for one of my tye dye grateful dead shirts end expose my hemp necklace and Poof im a fucking skeevy pothed (in "their" eyes, you know) but i dont have to talk like im fucking stuck in a pool of highness like "woah man like seriously did that just happen woah" I think its dumb we have to be represented by something that is only a portion of what we are before people will listen.... Ive met thousands of people that looks so "stonerish" or like "drug addicts" that could put most of the people that consider themselve smart in a cage of stupidity and beat them with facts about shit i cant even handle thinking about it blows my skull apart.... appearances are bullshit. Abraham lincoln had scruffy hair, a scruffy beard and shit..... but he was the pimp masta

  8. Yup. I've seen a few rallies with very successful college students, but they're still college students. Any sort of thing like that usually looks like a big party. At least in my experience.

    I've visited conservative groups and was very open about my views on cannabis. I wore clean, professional clothes, spoke professionally, and talked about my successes so far in life. I got a lot of people who would argue to no end, and then would either tell me to go away, or told me I'm just stupid. Yes... stupid because I have a 3.8 GPA in college.

    It just takes a lot more time, and a lot more people doin' what I do. (alongside many of my smoking friends.) It's also funny to hear cases against cannabis.
  9. They need to make a video that.......

    -Starts off with successful people who just say "I'm ____, I work as a ____ and never smoked pot"

    Followed by some life loser that says "I'm _____, I'm a loser because and I smoked weed"

    but all of the sudden change things to the complete opposite with

    "I'm _____, I own a multi millon dollar company and smoked weed since I was 12"

    followed by

    "I'm ____, I live behind a dumpster, Dropped out of highschool and never smoked weed"

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