i think not?

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  1. its a little after 2:00 ,or is it ,what dose time mean ,dose it realy know me i think not ,day night now then when where dose anything truely mean any thing or are we just lieing to our self to make something of nothing ,yes nothing what was it before we made up names for it ,was it a day or a night i think not ,could it be anything we want it to be yes ,night could be day and this may not even be write at all ,but would we know it ,i think not ,so do i go threw live liveing this lie to my self yes why think even if its not to not! will all this be here tomorrow will i know what all this means ,i think not ,for tomorrow is and idea in my head and that means i think ,if even only to give my self comfert safe in the images of my own makeing he i think and if you write this you have only to think to under stand it not ! call it what you wish ,call it what you think ,but know it for i think even if it has meaning ,meanings i think not ,time its a funny thing to me with out meaning back when ,yesterday before the hour of time we long to know when will it happen, we ask our self in the backs of our minds ,why ,death is it just a marker of time away to measure are loss or lack of ,i think not ,i just think fluff your pillows sleep into the night you have nothing to fear ,for i am keeping the ink in to night ,sleep easy in to the darkness god catches your souls and holds them tight tell morning frist light ,the sun shell set his hand to freedom for your awakeing ,to another day a night ,how deep is the sleep gods to know ! he think not ,spirits sing when he's around the look to be with him with in his glow of life they pray softly by his feet ,i hear them ,crys, laughs, one min he is a spirit like my self the next he is everythink around me and with in me yes he is real he walks with me at time i feel his spirit near by ,how crule to me to not go and be by his side ,but he has ask me to be here to find out if it was in vane ! i can only say by knowing you all ,i think not , with my answer is my death and brith again into a new life one of spirit and freedom to my soul it well awake like no other in all of time i think so for it is what i will to be ,ithink good luck to mankind i know the answer i will give and i know why and when ,its not mankinds sin ,it was only the sin of the time ,how sad ,if only you had knowen him ,he was great ,just a fool i think not ,.........how very stupid we were as mankind at the time we treaded him for what we thaught was are respect ,god's son let it happen ,why ,i know why ,mankind gave him what he wanted most to be back with his dad ,thats funny thats what i want most ! but i gave my word and i will not brake it ,a lie to god i think not.... good luck tazz11 sleep ,sleep hear his crys on the cross i do each night not a sound from his lips just from his spirit cry like a son to his father ,like mine to him ,soon it will be my time ,i think not........lol how deep can i think is there a end ,i think not.................................................................................................................
  2. Man, you sound fucked :p
  3. you think so ,i think not!
  4. yes your right this is a fucket post to be or not ,what did you see ,you did i think not !

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