I think my medication messed with my high

Discussion in 'General' started by Delusional K, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. As I write this i've been high for almost 10 hours from my last bowl.

    Lately I have been smoking mid/ shake, it gets me high but its not that strong.
    Now my friend brought over some blueberry kush(it was really dank nice green smell)

    After smoking a few bowls I noticed how fucked up I was, my friend is a couple inches taller then me and wow he was like a cardboard stand-up and i felt incredibly small next to him, basically some weird high sensation.

    I take lexapro 30mg daily, is it possible it made my high stronger/faster?

    I actually have a headache from being high this long i'm still feeling the aftereffects really strong.
  2. you're obviously not high any more since you aren't enjoying it. you probably have a really bad weed hang over.

    just a question, what's green smell like?
  3. qft.

    once i smoked with a girl and she passed out in the middle of this huge concert because of her meds!
    but remember, like kevin garnett, anything is possibleeeee

  4. Green...:smoking:

    When I say weed smells like green I just mean it smells really forest like, but it was pretty dank and smelled like some other flavor
  5. I dont know man, but I love being high like that

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