I think my drug therapist is on crack

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  1. I sadly am in court diversion and because i want to get through it i have to go through drug counseling my couselor after my assesment sent me her " findings" essentialy her judgement of me after 30 mins and in this she pretty much quoted a lot of what i said but twisted them and manipulated what i was saying into the negative and in prettier words said i was a dumbass because i dont i agree with the law on medical marijuana and then states that my state has no medical laws wich it does tho im not dieing but all this being she then continued her spree of bullshit by lieing to my court diversion and saying that she urined screened me and it turned up positive forgive me if im wrong but somethings off here
  2. Periods fucking rule. Implement a few, and I'll try to re-read.
  3. well that sucks
  4. i was told i could find crack here? whats up with that?
  5. Yea sry about the punctuation u apperantly didnt read
    My signature it kinda explains
  6. i agree, something is wrong here
  7. I see.

    Well then, why don't you ask her to present 'proof' of these urine samples? Unless of course.. you're the crazy crackhead. Why would a drug counselor lie? Even if the DC lied, you have the opportunity to call her/him out on it and prove them wrong.
  8. Shit that sucks, she lied about urine screening you? Can't you tell the judge that she has no physical evidence of a urine test?
  9. I think I missed the part about your therapist on crack..maybe I'm just high, or could be the lack of punctuation, needless to say, this thread has me confused.:confused::smoke:
  10. This makes sense.

  11. I really have no idea. When i first met her something about her felt off. Another thing that i didnt know till it was to late is that my gf had her as a therapist and dumped her cause she skeeved her out( she skeeved my gf out that is) but yea im going to do that and she wont have proof so does anyone know what i can do about this legally?
  12. haha pwnd

  13. kinky

    couldnt resisst

  14. Legal prosecution requires proof, not gut feeling. When you have actual proof that something fishy is goin' on, then I'm sure you can take legal action, until then good luck.

    By the way, what the fuck does skeeved mean?

  15. WTF?! I have a horribly dirty mind and that makes no sense at all to me what the hell does skeeved meen were ur from?
  16. nothing, cus thats the first time ive heard it? but replace skeeved with ate, and there u go, dirtyness

  17. Well she did jusy lie about a drug test is that illegal or proof? Ok ya know when u see those kinda sketchy people usualy kimda fithy the kind of person that just immediatley kinda puts u off? Well they are what we call " skeevey"
    So some one skeeving u out = they generaly give u a feeling of unease and give u kind a feeling of something not right
  18. Or just "skeeted"
  19. I love skeeving on girls... ;)

  20. Ru retarded skeeve not skeet dipshit get ur stupid slang right abd maybe try to answer the question

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