I think my boyfriend hid my weed

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  1. So I'm 27 and have smoked since I was 13. It's my vice and my own secret. I hide it because...I just do. My inner circle is very not accepting and don't need anyone's opinions on why I shouldn't burn.

    I hide my bud in my own plastic storage bin in the garage in the house I share withy boyfriend. My weed is in a ziplock in a plastic container that was used for POGS. This storage bin has like old pictures frames, useless documents, odds/ends.

    My boyfriend was cleaning the garage today. He spent about 3 hours on it. He moved said storage bin which didn't both me till I went in there and couldn't find my bud. It's 4am here and I thought I'd light up to go to sleep. I'm restless tonight. So I'm not sure if it's out of delusion that I can't find it or I didn't properly look or...he did in fact find it and got rid of it.

    K wtf do i do to approach this? If I can't find it, it's not the end of the world. I'm more taken aback by him doing something like that if he truly did. Yes, I'm no saint. I hide the fact that I smoke. But I'm willing to call myself out to get to the bottom of it. I know I've been sneaky. Again, I'm no saint. But I don't understand THIS level of sneakiness.

    I don't smoke in our house in case he felt that was disrespectful and I'm not breaking the bank here buying it. I'd rather him come at me like "wtf you smoke, let's talk about this." I can handle that kind of confrontation. My mind is racing, like, did I look well enough? Maybe I'm trippin.


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  2. I feel like he hide it to make you ask him about so there could be a conversation. He's probably hurt you hid something like that from him. To someone that doesn't smoke finding your S/O does would be akin to finding out they do harder shit depending on their view of Mary. Just talk to him and if he's understanding then you should be able to have a peaceful talk and hopefully get your weed back.

    Don't get overly defensive that's a drug addicty thing to do and will be perceived as such most likely.

    Maybe you'll even end up with a smoking buddy

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  3. And you're 27 why are you acting like you're 14 and your parents took your weed? Why over think it:huh::huh::unsure:
  4. If you see yourself having a future with your SO you need to be honest with him and let him know you smoke. I'm not judging, we all have things we do that aren't always right, and hiding it from your friends and family is one thing, but you can't build a healthy relationship on lies. You need to sit down and lay it all out for him. If he loves you, he will listen and you can figure out a course of action together as a couple.

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  5. I'm not big on relationships, but why are you hiding something like this from him?

    Secret secrets are no fun, secret secrets hurt someone.

    Best come out now.
  6. I don't see why you're hiding it so much in the first place..it probably confused him just as much because he found some weed in his garage that he has no idea where it came from lol
  7. You should have been open with him about this from the beginning. No secrets = no trouble. Tell him now I suppose.
  8. What if secretly your boyfriend smokes and hasn't told you. If that's the case he prolly smoked all your ganja thinking he's one lucky mofo to find this random bag of herb in his garage. Now wouldn't that be a crazy ass twist to the story.
  9. You can't hide important things like this in a relationship
  10. Maybe he smoked it lol
  11. How does one even manage to hide something like that from their significant other who they live with? Can he not tell that your high all the time?
  12. "I've never seen that before in my life...Look, man, I don't even know what POGS are and further I'm not sure why you are forcing me into a defensive position when obviously this is just a minor misunderstanding."
    Like Johnnie Cochran in a box, yo. :cool:
  13. Thanks babe =P
    You mean sort of like the level of sneakiness required to hide the fact that you smoke from someone you're apparently in a serious, committed relationship with to the point that you live together? :confused_2: 
    Because that's pretty fuckin' sneaky 
  15. Your boyfriend should know you smoke ffs, he maybe just threw it in the bin.
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    Yeah lol If my girlfriend never told me that she smoked and then I found a random sac of weed in the garage when cleaning I would definitely take it, and probably ask her if she wanted to smoke :smoking:.
  17. Lol, we got us a real Margot Tenenbaum over here...

    You gotta wooden finger too?

    I'd just calmly ask him about it. Or, if its not that big of deal, trip him out by buying more and stash it in a different place. Fuck with his head, keep the secrecy going!
  18. Just roll up a huge fat j and when he is sitting on the couch walk in the room and fire up that bitch and walk right up to him and take a huge hit and blow it in his face and look him in the eyes and say hey bitch where did my pops go? Kick him in the nuts if he does not respond quick enough.
  19. Snag another sack and hide it in a spot he won't find next time
    Don't even say a word and see what happens
  20. So,
    did your boyfriend nip your sack?

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