I think its goodbye............

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  1. Well to let u know background info i have been smoking constantly every night since last novmeber of 05

    Well to start it off and tell you wats up Monday of this past week i got caught smoking by my dad and he just didnt talk to me until Wednesday night on the way home from AAU basketball practice and siad how disappointed he was and that if he told my mom she would be so mad and so on and be more disappointed so i tried to to argue it and tell him that it wasnt hurting me and lately i havent been going to the gym like i used to go bout everyday and now i just dont have the want to go anymre and he told me that he wanted me to stop but he cant make me and if i needed help he would help me but now he tells me i need to start thinking about my college bsaketball career and so that made me think and i have been sober of pot since monday night and i think it is tiem to say good bye to the community of pot heads which i have come to love and so i mean i think i might toke on my bubbler one last time

    this is my final farwell i think..............................

    its been fun but
  2. Do you currently have a D1 offer?
  3. don't quit just smoke every once in a while.
  4. That's not good, you should never let weed come between anything that you ordinarily did before you started smoking. I have never played sports, I have never been a part of any club, I have never felt the need that I needed to be part of these things.

    And it's not like im a little nerd either, I dont like jovanistic self centered 'jocks' who think they are better then everyone else, and thats what you get from sports teams.

    So what are the odds that you are going to be playing basketball in College...


    Let us know your name so we can watch you on TV when your playing.... :?
  5. im only a junior and have a very good chance at d 1 next year but my caoches have pr4eached to me to stop smoking cause they found out from ppl on the team and so i am smoking tonight and that is it...................
  6. im going to miss it
  7. Hehe.
    Go, make a big basketball player of yourself, get outta college, get rich, find a nice lil hottie party girl for a wife, be super super famous and rich, toke and drink everynight in your super big mansion, pay people for their piss for dt's, hehe, and live out your life as a succesful pothead master and legalize it and pay for all your friends (;)) in the pothead community to smoke the finest dank everynight.
  8. Well good luck and u just got here. I have seen alot of threads like this were people just joined.
  9. That sucks. Good luck.
  10. if youre gonna really, really quit, you better as hell keep that bubs. trust me, one of these days youre gonna need a little vice.... :D
  11. If I were you I'd try to limit to the weekends or maybe three times a week or so. Anyways good luck with whatever comes your way.
  12. Just start drinking. :D That's what I did when I had to quit during drug testing. Captain Morgan, baby.
  13. Peace out man have funn a good luck with ur basketball career!!
  14. best of luck to ya, buddy
  15. shit did i see one period in that paragraph?
  16. LaUgHiNg OUT lOuD!
  17. I don't think you should quit, I just think you should limit your smoking so it doesn't come between your basketball career
  18. I dont think you should quit as welll...just limit it man. Bye though
  19. damn that sux i would just limit ur slef down till ubarely smoke than stop for while so ppl kno u stopped and than start up again after u go to coleg or if u dont mae it then u can start again

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