I think its fate telling me

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    Ok so I just rolled my first ever "real" blunt using juicys black n blueberry 3$ for 2 wraps so I step outside to spark it and there's elderly people outside tending there garden so I go around the side of my house and it's just soggy clay and mud and it's caking on to my shoes so I step just behind some trees and as I'm standing there about to light I notice like a weird glistening turned out to be a spider web and right next to me is this huge golden orb spider I freaked it coz those things look huge.
    So I go to my back yard and the neighbors are in there yard now the neighbour on my left I'm sure he blazes but I don't like smoking in front of people I don't know that well so I walk up the hill in my back yard to my shed and go behind it then I try to light it only to realize I have the wrong lighter and it's empty I swear I picked up my black lighter but in my hand was an orange non working lighter so I'm pissed off about to pack a bowl and sit on my lounge and spark it I'm saving this blunt for tonight.

    The reason I didn't just smoke the blunt inside is because the tobacco smell sticks around for ages and it took me ages to get rid of the smell when one of my freinds lit a smoke in my house . Sorry for the long wall of text but I can't believe what just happened.

    I think it's fate telling me not to blaze.
  2. You forgot to mention the part where fate tells you something...
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  5. I googled golden orb spider
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    Aaaah I know it's orb season just now can't wait for those fuckers to get back underground they eat snakes man !!
  7. Yo that mofuckun spider killed a bird, so awesome.
  8. Fuck these fuckers

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  9. Do you carry a machete around at all times around these fuckers?

    I would.
  10. That spider is fucking ridiculous! Fuck the machete, I'd carry a gun.
  11. yeah these things suck....they are all round where i live too...as a kid they always freaked me the fuck out. id keep well away and made sure to look out for the webs...when we found one we would use a bat or stick to kill them with one hard swing...u should see this things explode on impact...pretty gross.
  12. Thanks for the nightmares I am a gutsy girl but spiders freak me out big time...especially ones that eat snakes and birds.
  13. omg dude when i saw this pic i said "whoa!" so rapidly that i opened my jaw too much and hurt meself. :/ but holy fuck if i saw one of those things id be investing in a ak-47 and bug-bomb-grenades!

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