I think its cute .What about u?

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  1. Currently there is a contest at another site i visit, and snoopdogg the recording artist.
    To enter, u send them an email and the entry that catch their eye, wins the prizes.

    Just for the hell of it..i entered.
    What do u think guys?
    Do I stand a chance? The first prize is a Skateboard
    (It's ME. Dont ya think) :rolleyes:
    My email entry :D TaDa

    U said to be creative if i want to win the prize,
    gotta get ur attention, ur the email reading guys.
    So let me start by saying, from the depth
    of my Irish heart,
    The "top of the line" prize will be mine,
    lets get that right,from the start.
    I dont mean to dis u, that is not my goal but of the three, the skateboard is "me"
    I feel it in my soul.....

    The "other" prizes, they too are bomb
    Who wouldn't want a T shirt from
    marijuana dot com?
    "A Last Meal" CD from SnoopDogg "the man",
    rounds out the trio, sounds like a plan.

    If I could, I would take all three,
    but that would be pushin' it, even for me,
    So send my regrets to the folks that
    have failed
    To grab your attention with the words that
    they mailed.
    They should have tried harder,next time,
    they will,
    When they think of ME flying, down all the
    I'm just kidding about me 'boarding,
    i'm just too bloody old,
    fifty five and holding..that's the last time
    THAT will be told
    I've never won a contest,
    and that is just so mean,
    So judge me fair and to all declare
    aw shucks :eek:

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  2. craeative. very nice.
  3. [​IMG] I take it,by the overwhelming response to my contest entry, ;)
    I should not quit my day job. [​IMG]
  4. Hey, don't be so hard on yourself!

    I'm just not much of a poetry critic!
  5. I really dug it.

    The way you described all the prizes really is what's going to catch their eyes.

    I really did dig it. :D ;) :D
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  6. [​IMG] Thank you Reform....I knew it would take a "sister" to appreciate my talent.
    :rolleyes: :D
  7. i hit the wrong button, again

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