i think ima run......

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  1. well i went to court today for violation probation (failed 4 drug tests) and i have to go bacc to court march 6th and my lawyer said im lookin at 10 months at the least so i think ima run and smoke and.......enjoy myself :smoke::wave:
  2. Don't run you'll only get caught and get a bigger sentance. Take the 10 months and try to figure out why the fuck you didn't pass 4 drug tests, couldn't you at least of drank some detox drink?
  3. i kno seriously dude? remember were talkin herb not crack there is no fuckin reason you should fail a drug test, its not worth smoking when you are now looking at 10 months of your life down the tubes, have some self control, for doing that you kinda deserve it man
  4. sorry to hear that, bro.

    if you run they will catch you.

  5. well i already kno why i failed 4 drug tests........because i smoked bud....and detox drinks dont work
  6. I don't understand why people still smoke when they have drug tests..
    anyways don't run that's stupid they will catch you and it will be worse.
    10 months is better than what you'll get fortrying to run.
  7. Haha this topic came up while I was in jail....

    They all agreed that a short run would beat a long stand.

    Meaning if you get 20+ years, run for as long as you can because it really won't affect anything in terms of the amount of time your going to do.

    But with 10 months, just swallow it.... you'll come out a better man..
  8. uh it sucks but ya just gotta do it
  9. i know someone on probation, he uses those detox drinks and hasn't failed a drug test yet
  10. My boy got 6 months once and ran. He was free for like another year or two till they caught up with him. He ended up getting 1 year for running and was out in 4 months for good behavior and he got his GED while inside. So if you want to run then run. They will catch you eventually, but fuck it do what you got to do.
  11. Herbal you did time?!!!

    I did some hard time too... A night for public intoxication :p

    Gotta love those good old high school days.

    I'd say just man up and go dude.. I mean fuck 10 months sounds like SHIT, but better that then a year or more for running
  12. Not to be a bitch, but I'm pretty sure you knew the consequences of continuing to smoke the first time around and decided to do it anyway. I don't understand why you would risk it and rely only on detoxing which doesn't always work.

    You made your bed and now you don't want to lay in it, so you're thinking about running, which will add more time to your pending charge and you'll have to spend more time in prison. Right, because that makes sense.

    Time to grow up and bite the bullet. My exfiance is in prison for 15 years - life, 10 months is a walk in the park.
  13. Haha, yeah just a short stint for driving without any license (expired, revoked, & suspended, lol) while "Under the Influence" lol. Got locked up for 2 months, that's why I disappeared in the middle of my first White Russian Grow, lol.

    I love your sig.
  14. am I the only one to say... RUN! fuck the law and anyone with it. you won't get more time for running. if you get caught tryna run from the boys, then that's evasion and you will get more time. I say run, smoke and do whatever you want, til you get caught then sit down on your time like a man.
  15. Didn't you just contradict yourself there?

    And to the OP, just man up and do your time. Don't really know how you failed FOUR drug tests though, lucky they didn't lock you up after the 2nd or so. You'll probably get off before the 10 months is up anyway.
  16. [Thank you :)]
  17. Hahaha thats terrible. Did you have someone to look over the babies for you while you were "away"

    I almost did a month but got out of it with a lawyer :D
  18. You'd think that after you failed the first 1 or 2 tests you would have figured out the "detox drinks" weren't working...
  19. hopefully you dont have to swallow it to become a better man....lmao!!!!:D
  20. How are you going to financially support yourself if you run? I mean seriously you wont be able to get a job because if they do a backround check they are going to see that you are a fugitive. You wont be able to open up a checking/bank account. You wont be able to use any credit cards. You wont be able to get a passport/license. C'mon bro think about it youll be living on the street in a few months wishing you did the ten months in the pen.

    Some kids these days are some serious fucking retards.:rolleyes:

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