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    Experiencing De-Personalization?

    My life feels so dull, I have no motivation to do shit.
    My life at home is so boring, I'm constantly checking my phones messages for some "friend" to ask me to hang or blaze up, and I quote that because they don't even seem like real friends, sure they're nice to me and all but when It comes down to it, it doesn't seem like they actually care for me and I couldn't talk about personal stuff or my emotions of relationships etc.

    My father wants nothing to do with me because I smoke weed, he's the biggest anti-pot dude around, the other day when he picked me up to take me to my roadtest we got in a huge argument because he seen a spit cup( for chewing tabacco) in my truck and then he went on how I'm a loser yada yada yada and I'm gonna be a bum, he even said and I'm quoting his exact words " you are not my son anymore, you are a fucking loser".
    So maybe all this drama in my life could've brought depersonalization upon me?
    I can't say I'm depressed but I have a hard time enjoying things now.
    Any advice on how to not feel so bored all the time and just be happy? Could Mary Jane be doing this? Even though I only blaze like once every couple days?
    I was thinking maybe move towns to start fresh, I'm tired of seeing all the shithead people around here anyway.
  2. You need to stand up for yourself and if you dad can't realise that then he's a shit dad. You sound like a great guy, it's definelty not MJ. You just gotta get out and do things, meet people, get laid. Move somewhere new.

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