I think I'm over weed.

Discussion in 'General' started by MarleyIsaLegend, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So sitting in the doctor today, waiting for them to come in, I had like a small anxiety attack. And then I just started thinking and totally forgot what a high feels like and I smoked like the day before yesterday. I started to think about it, and I don't even really have the want to smoke weed now. I have like 2 grams left and I'm thinking about making some firecrackers for the first time and just quit smoking. :confused:
  2. so no more smoking or no more weed at all?
  3. That honestly sucks that you don't have the urge to smoke weed. Don't worry though i'll smoke a lot for you :smoke:

  4. Maybe in the future but as of right now, nope.
  5. wat made you wanna quit? are you doing unmentionables? i did for a time and that was the only time i stopped smoking
  6. That's good man. You have your priorities straight. You shouldn't feel obligated to smoke

  7. Of course not man. I'm never gonna be fooling with all that stuff.
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    Lol don't group them all like they are horribly dangerous.
  9. The only other drugs id take is acid and shrooms.

    Oh yeah and oc's, H, crack, meth, pcp, peyote, dmt, nitrous, dxm, coke, mdma, ghb... yeah I enjoy those too now and then every hour
  10. I've felt like that at times.

    It seems like you just want a break.

    It's a lot harder to quit forever than for just a few days.

    I'll bet you're going to want to smoke again sooner or later.

  11. Lord Voldemort?
  12. I like how you attempted sarcasm by trying to name 'hard drugs' as drugs you would do often, but you put in there completely harmless drugs like dmt.
  13. I have no idea how your story has anything to do with you "Thinking you're over weed". It's almost as though a bunch of words had been thrown together that at first, it made sense but not really.

    If you understand the herb, you will know.
  14. if u wanna quit man u could just send me those 2 grams in the mail
  15. Do it see how it feels. Its not like you have to keep smoking it haha, more for me :D
  16. Nothing to feel bad about, I haven't smoked in about a month. Just busy, don't have a whole lot of extra money to burn. Weed really isn't that big of a deal, honestly. It's fun but, eh.
  17. what are the reasons for smoking to begin with.
    was it obligations?
    Peer pressure?
    what do you mean "I think I'm over weed?"
    were or are your priorities neglected or out of order when you did smoke or do smoke??
  18. trust me your cannabinoid recepters will need to get excersized once in a while lol.

    Quit, don't quit, do whatever the fuck you want. Personally I only feel the need to take short T-breaks.

    But I really enjoy the cannabis.
  19. It's alright to stop for awhile or just stop at all, what ever makes you happy is the best decision. I didn't smoke for 6 months one time and I was fine with it, sometimes it can be a good thing.
  20. I think I'd be like you to at first, but a few days in and all I'd wanna do is get high. So I'll just keep smoking.

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