i think im messing up

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  1. i have the cheapest setup ever 2 pots in a carboard box with a top covering and some random lights .

    i planted more than 2 seed in the pots i planted more than 1 seed in both pots and iiiii dont know... will anyhong grow ??? i just did this in five min. srry about the type sorry yabout the the typeing
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    Sounds like a really poorly planned grow.

    Good luck.
  3. it doesnt sound like your going to go anywhere with that, do the lights put out any kind of color spectrum or are they just like, incandescents?
  4. Sounds like you're pretty faded lol
    Yeah you probably won't get very far without proper research and preparation
  5. uhmm i know the lights are pretty power punching and there white lgiths i take care of the babes tho even tho its only been a couple of hours
  6. are your lights even day spectrum ? you need like a 5000-6500K kelvin
  7. dude, why would you waste your time if you don't know what your doing at all.

    Read the guides.
  8. All is not lost, you can savage even this attempt. Tells us what type of lights you are using EXACTLY and the wattage. Dump the cardboard its a fire hazzard. Give us some more info and I bet you will get some guidance.

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