I think I..

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  1. ...hate animals :hide:
  2. But animals are cool!
  3. Why do you say that man?
  4. I don't like pets. Animals are cool. Like a deer in the woods drinking from a quiet stream, or a bear just hanging out in a river looking for fish, those are cool. But a cat or dog in my house? No.
  5. I think I like animals more than people sometimes, can't bode well for the future....
  6. [​IMG]

    How about now?
  7. They comfort you though. Wouldn't you like a kitten or a puppy snuggling up to you at night?

  8. I hate people, but I hate animals way more, mainly because of people like you lol.
  9. Whenever I see a cat wandering the streets i yell at it "Fuck You Cat!"
    dunno y...its almost reflex now.
  10. i gtwot woken up this morning at 9 am after passing out around 6:30 am to a dogfight between 4 of my dogs and one was getting his ass kicked and actually had a seizure i had to drive him to the animal hospital like an abusive owner or some shit

    anyways they were all ganging up on the seizure dog so i kinda had to get into the middle and i was pretty pissed but no animals are the shit.
  11. Hell yeah, I always love a good pussy in my bed at night haha :smoke:
  12. What did animals do to you?
  13. On one hand, puppies and kittens are cute.
    On the other hand, it's fucked up when people value stupid animals over stupid humans.
  14. Its probably because humans do fucked up shit, and hurt others while knowing EXACTLY what theyre doing.

    Animals dont have the capacity to do wrong. They live to survive, and do what they need to do.

    They dont have petty bullshit arguments over nothing, or kill or hurt other creatures for no reason like humans do..

    Humans are the only creatures that KNOW that they are doing something wrong or harmful, and do it anyway.
  15. There is an animal on your avatar.

  16. Monkeys, pigs, dolphins all have the capacity to do wrong. Dolphins and monkeys murder, rape, everything humans do. So yeah, animals aren't so innocent.

    Not So Cute: Dolphin Gang-Rape | Scienceray
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    Three different animals.
  18. Cats pwn you.:wave:

  19. I'm sure there are even more animals who do similar things.
  20. this is dumb, animals rock. you owl beast.

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