I think i sh!t gold bricks.

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    Man i was just thinkin about this first grow this year. Mostly out door.
    Started as a joke of sorts just bagseed in cups. Now i have 6 foot monsters on my back porch >.<

    I'm hoping my luck holds out. Reflecting, i realizes I've gotten lucky on a lot of occassions.

    -Broke up with a girl. Fortunatly she never said shit about what i was doing.
    -Had the fire department here for burning brush, with the plants in plain sight >.< Volunteer i think though, but they just STROLLED into my back yard without a word.
    -A couple loud ass parties, no 5-0. (Don't do that anymore)
    -Friend who accidentally saw them after following me to my lil spot outside. (douche bag)

    Countless others, but damn the fire dept. showing up scared the SHIT out of me. We relocated them for like a week immediatly, but right when i thought they left, one of them comes back around just to say "yall have a good day" while im sliding them to places we can pick em up and move from.
    I'm still knockin on wood, every time i hear a helicopter, i end up goin outside and seeing what kind it is LOL (Not that many go over)

    Anyone else get that paranoid feeling just a few weeks before harvest? I can't wait to get everything indoor. Just need a HPS.

    Edit: I forgot the time there were like 4 cop cars across the road. Turns out there was a domestic violence thing cause dudes girl was cheating on him lol. At the time, i was sketchin :hide:
  2. ooo and your in the south. Here in TN any number of plants growing is a felony.
  3. Here in SC it's the same lol. At least from what i looked up. No more 6 footers for me >.<
  4. got a eight-ish footer situated close to a popular road in my area - no-one's noticed it. :cool:

    thing fucking dwarfs me. might need help collecting it in the next couple days. i'll try to get pics of it.
  5. you must shit death bricks because those plants are DEAD. seriously. throw them out. your wasting your paranoia. and i wouldnt even be able to sleep at night with a plant on my property or inside, so I guess I show respect for having serious balls and not thinking about consequences.
  6. hahaha - mine is in a bunch of prickle bushes, off a stretch of road (with no houses in sight) a good enough distance for me to not have to worry about someone stopping to take a piss and catching a whiff. you'd be surprised the number of plants that get ripped from good spots, especially when most can't be seen from the road.
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    Well for better or worse there's so much vegetation at my house and it's so quiet around here i just put them out back. In 5 gallon buckets mind you. If the smell gets to bad I'll finish them off in my garage if need be.
    As for rippers... They have to go through a .45 and my dog first :)

    Edit: Come to think of it, i close friend of mine grows 9 foot monsters laterally (i think is the word? Sideways.) on his fence only a mile from me. So i guess helicopters are really proven not an issue. Just my dick of a neighbor.
    But we have an understanding. He leaves me alone, i leave him alone.
  8. i know most of the people who would rip off my plants so obviously i keep them out of the loop.i'm almost certain no-one could find this spot, even on accident. there's also no way it can be tied to me if law enforcement finds it.
  9. the guys down at the fire station are probably both good at burning and putting fires out
  10. Yeah that's what i intend to do for next years outdoor. I scoped the perfect spot, but now I'm armed with the knowledge on how to go about it :) No more of this outdoor paranoia crap out back.
  11. it really depends on your location - i knew a guy who had six plants in five gallon pails. he would move them around his house, following the light around all day. of course, he was an older gentleman, didn't work due to a disability but it worked well for him. the plants were beautiful. i think he finished them indoors though, in his garage. again, he had no neighbors within sight of his place and it sits far enough back from the road that no-one driving by would notice.

    cops never drive out here, either. if they did with their windows down, i bet they'd have caught the smell and checked it out.
  12. I don't want to diss your grow, but those plants do not look happy. I couldn't see any buds and it is almost Oct. my guess is they grew in the shade.

    When you grow again, make sure the plants get > 6-8 hours of Direct Sun...a southern exposure should give them what they need.
  13. those plants are DEAD
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    Far from dead. Just acting in a lollipop'd fashion. Like i said, first grow ever, now i do it indoors. Besides, shit genetics. Bagseed.
    If it doesn't stop raining, i agree though, they're not going to last.
    They get TO much sunlight for their limited root space cause in all that stretch (add in genetics)
    The one in my back yard acted the same way and it's in the ground. Same amount of outdoor light.
    ....This is why i invested in 3 good strains for my indoor.

    Edit: You don't see buds cause it's a SHITTY camera lol. I was like... 10 feet away?
  15. Yesterday a helicopter flew over my grow op it was about 100feet above it DIRECTLY over my shit. It was heading towards the hospital though so probably a medical chopper. Still everytime I hear anything in the air my heart starts pounding, bagseed is not shit genetics all the time. All my crop is bagseed and I have had some tremendous results.
  16. Not gonna lie, there was a few times this summer when I was watering my babies that I dove into the bushes when I heard what I thought were low flying helicopters, you defintely get freaked out easy when your in the woods with plants.
  17. I agree on bagseed, but i got the shit end of the stick lol.
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets sketchy when they head copters xD
  18. do u have pics of your indoor? i gotta see it
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    I'm not home right now but i have a thread with pics already. I haven't set up a flowering room yet.
    Trying to get ahold of a HPS. Right now all i have is 3 MH >.< (only using one)
    Here's a link to my (somewhat) stealth armoire veg/clone armoire.

    Edit: I'm thinking about trying a bubble bucket and a scrog (seperately) once i get some flowering lighting and see what works best for me. Now i only run about 5 or 6 plants at any given time.
    I still have that cfl fixture but idk what ima do with it at this point.

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