I think I might have cancer

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  1. 23, healthy weight, fairly healthy over all, but I have some symptoms that really make me feel like I might have cancer. My medical insurance under my parents ran up 2 months ago, so I'm not covered by anyone right now. I am scared, but most of my fear is due to my Hypochondria (fear of illnesses) but I really do think I have lymphoma. I don't know... but from what I read on WebMD it could be cancer; so here's to praying I guess....
  2. testicular cancer.
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  4. Damn man thats a shitty situation. It would be very expensive for a doctors visit too I bet....
  5. lol

    If you are really worried cough up the cash to see a doctor. But like you said, it may just be the hypochondria.
  6. Yeah, I'm sitting here almost wanting to shed tears because no one believes me. I am a hypochondriac, so naturally my family and friends think I'm over analyzing my symptoms, but I can't afford health care so I can only go off what the internet tells me. I feel like I'm going crazy.

    If I don't have cancer, I'd never know it - thanks to my disorder. Ugh.

  7. Hypochondria is your diagnosis?

    What symptomology do you have that is self diagnosis proof?

    Lymphoma isn't a diagnosis you give yourself man, see a Dr...
  8. Well if you die in 6 months to a year then we will know you had cancer.
  9. I've been diagnosed with hypochondria, obsessive compulsive disorder, major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder, ptsd, and perception checking problems.

    My symptoms are painful and swollen lymphnodes in my armpits. I've seen my doc before and he says it's probably nothing, but that was like 5 months ago. Still have the pains.

  10. Hey. Go to the fucking doctor again. This isnt WebMD *****. Go to the mother fucking doctor before the overactive white bloodcells take your fucking body over and kill you!

  11. Don't have money, don't have insurance. Don't have shit.

  12. Your job doesn't provide health insurance?
  13. Yea, i was just gonna say, a job that offers it is the key, do what you can to find one.

  14. Dont have a job dude. I quit to come take care of my grandma. She has dementia so she won't fork over a dime for me for anything. I think I might just leave here, go back home. I duno, I'm so confused.
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    There are many non cancerous infections that can cause this condition, go see your dr., and remember, if you have been diagnosed as a hypochondriac, that is the last time you should accept your own medical opinion, before consulting a Doctor.

    Chances are, it is merely an infection.
  16. Get to a Dr bro it could at least put your mind at rest,
  17. Sure it's not an ingrown hair under your armpit?

    My ex-girlfriend's little sister was freaking about this for a week, but when they went to the doctor it turned out to be scar tissue from an ingrown hair.

    I know it must be hard, but it makes no sense worrying about something that you cant control (and something you have no idea if it's true or not).
  18. Okay. So basically you would want to KNOW that you lymphoma, but you dont want to fucking treat it because you dont have money or insurance?

    Why dont you just leave the whole subject alone for now. SOon enough youll know if you have it, AND you wont even need a doctor by then.

  19. Isn't there some type of clinic or low-income assistance you can access?

    One symptom isn't even diagnosable for the average internet layman.:rolleyes:
  20. Sometimes being a hypochondriac can be a good thing... Ever see Joe versus the Volcano? Tom Hanks was one in the movie and made the doctor run a bunch of test on him and found out he had a brain cloud... Thats right brain cloud.

    But in all seriousness go to the ER or a clinic or something if you are that worried about it. They'll set up payment plans even if its only 10-15 bucks a month...

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