I think I know how to end it all!!!!

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    I think i know how to end it all and finally have weed(cannabis) legalized. Its gonna take balls,and people smoking weed. What were gonna have to do is get everybody to start smoking weed and everybody that smoked moves to california and states around cali that have it legalized and what were gonna do is overpower that side so its like we make our own country and were gonna call it Cannausa and were gonna have a battle against the "usa" and were gonna win and get that shit legalized, Fuck yea.

    also whatever i posted is 100% false and makebeleive.

    i dont want no fucking swat coming to my house.

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  2. very interesting theory...:p
  3. You sir, Are high as fuck.
  4. I agree, fuck the swat busting down doors

  5. lol this^

    i want whatever you got.

    "the peaceful stoners versus nukes"

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