I think I have a male.

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  1. 20230126_194820.jpg 20230126_194806.jpg Hello fellow growers.
    I've been growing for a couple of years by using fem seeds or clones only.
    I recently popped 4 regular seeds as part of my next round. These plants have been in veg for several weeks. I recently did some heavy defoliating and training on them all. The next day I found what appeared to be pollen sacks growing on only two stems on one of these 4 plants that are from regular seeds. These sacks literally showed up overnight too.
    I have read that once a plant is mature, if stressed it can show its sex while still in veg. I think this is what happened.
    Before I cut this plant down and toss it, I'm asking for verification from the more experienced growers in the community.
    I've attached pics below.
    Thank you all for taking a look.
  2. Yeah, either male or hermie. Either way, kill it.
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  3. Rooster in the henhouse!
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  4. download.jpg
    Yes slight issue with that plant . And this dog
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  5. kill it quickly
  6. I had a hermie in my 1st indoor grow & saved the seeds. You just never know .:rave-girl:
  7. Thank you everyone. The replies were entertaining. I have removed the plants in question.

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