I Think I Gotta Kill My Cat !!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. ;);)he just jumped on my table,,, and licked the beer off the top of my can,,,, now thats going too far,,, i'll share my food with him,,,

    he has his own milk bowll thats allways got milk in it,,,, i let him sleep with me,,, he has a sweet litter-box,, that i keep clean,,,,

    BUT LICKING MY BEER-CAN,,, WILL GET HIM KILLED,,, or liked more,,,

    maybe hes telling me something? the milks getting old,,, hes ready for a adult beverage ?

    maybe i need to relax,,, maybe my cat is bonding more with me than i realize,,,,, what are ya'lls thoughts on this act of bravery he just performed ????/:confused::confused:
  2. i think he's a smooth criminal.. did he look you in the face after this sipping went down?

  3. i would rip his head off! licking another mans beer is waaaayyy out of line. my cousin has a parrot that pulls that shit but he will bite you if you dont share so you kinda hafta put up with it.
  4. yeah he's a smooth criminal all right,,, licked it clean and then eased right back in my lap,,,, hes my internet buddy,,,,, hangs with me the whole time i sit in this chair,,,,;)

    i'll pour him some beer tonight when i get off work,,, after all he is in training to be a a.k.c. trained attack cat....:D
  5. ur crazy chicken!!!!! and ur cats insane!
  7. Kick him in the nuts.
  8. hook him up wit a lil bowl of his own beer

    in before another chicken thread gets closed :hello:
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  9. Chicken, youre a fuckin redneck dude. You make me LOL.

    THis, ladies and gents, is what happens when the backwoods folks discover technology. :D
  10. this your cat?



    Think he picked it up from his older brother, who BTW never finished High School...

  11. if my cat gets to that point,,, im sending him to a a.a. meeting,?:cool:
  12. cats are wise with a wisdom nearly all of their own.

    it is maximally foolish to underestimate a cat.

    cats know.

    cats know things us mere humans can never hope to know.


    mess with cats at your own perilous risk.


    though they're as much individuals as us humans... and some are just drunks. :laughing:
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  13. You know, nothing works to get that bird taste out of your mouth, quite like a budweiser!

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