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I think I got ripped, is this a half o?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankSkank, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Hey I was wondering if this was a half o? I have 4 pics of the bag.

  2. Probably on the better side of 9ish-10ish grams?

    I dunno. Get a scale and weigh it. Doesn't look like a half oz though.

    What'd you pay?

    Also, this should be in "Stash Jar". :smoke:
  3. Looks like a little more then a 1/4 but looks are deceiving!
  4. exactly what i was thinking
    9-10 grams
  5. looks like its 4 or 5 g's shy of a half.
  6. How much did u pay for it? Cuz it looks like there's alot of stems and kinda brown. The amount looks right, but quality doesn't look great
  7. Schwag or what??
  8. #8 Free The BIRDS, Oct 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 30, 2009
    ya i was gonna say 10 grams but couple already said that

    buy a scale man, like a scale cost less then the amount you got chinced on that pickup. what i would do if i was you, is dont smoke any or smoke a small amount intil you go to a friends house with a scale and measure it out.

    whenever pickin up, go inside to the guy house and watch him weight it out.

    and ya looks like some shitty mids. outdoor crap. in toronto a half o of that shit should be 80 max
  9. Yeah it could be, it's really hard to tell just by looking. It might be a bit less... try and get a scale.

    The quality doesn't really look that great though... still looks like you got a few decent nugs in there though..
  10. nice spin, lol
  11. well I paid 120 for it and it's probably mids, what should I do I got it off a kid from school.
  12. id say you got about 10 grams of some mids right there
  13. looks like 1/4 to me

    smoke it.
  14. $120 for not even a half o of some mids???? damn man you got ripped off pretty bad.... howd you not notice when you were buying it?
  15. 120 for what looks like about 10 grams of mids? Even if it was a half-o I wouldn't drop 120 on that.

    You can either try to get your money back or just learn from it, invest in a scale and never buy from that kid again.
  16. $120 for 10g of regular midgrade?

    Uhhh... don't smoke any. Go and weigh it up. Photograph it.

    Take it to the kid who sold you it. Demand explanation... if explanation lacks in clarity or is profusely rude and not negotiable... punch him. Although, you don't wanna be doing that at school. You don't want to fight over "illegal substances".
  17. gonna text the kid to cough up 4 more grams and if he trys to argue with me il deal with him monday, and yeah i dont buy this much weed usually.
  18. Yeah definitely a pretty bad deal man. Unless that's all you got in your town, I wouldn't get that again. Pay like 90 or less for a half of that...
  19. Wisdom.

    $120 for a half of mids = bad deal. Don't do that anymore :poke:

  20. You don't even have a scale but you are going to start some beef?

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