i think i got fucked over

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Talon, May 13, 2006.

  1. well wednesday i come into school and tell one of my friends to get me a quarter ounce, and he says its gonna be 35. so i give him 35 and he comes back the next day with my money saying his mom found the shit while we were in school and he doesent have any to give me. so i take my money back and go to this other guy who i made business with a few times earlier. he was cool and everything, so i gave him $20 and told him to get me some weed if he could. he told me he would, and to call him that night to remind him so he wouldnt forget. well, friday is the last day for seniors, and he wasnt there. he told me a while ago what street he lives on, and its only a few miles away from my house. i tried calling him a few times, but every time i call i get the voicemail bullshit. now, im a easygoing dude, im cool with everyone, but once you get on my bad side i will fuck you up. now, im seriously thinking this guy fucked me over, and i dont like it when people steal from me. fuck 20 bucks, but like big worm said "its not about the money, smoke, its about the principle." i dont know if i should wait a few days for him to try to call me back and see if he's going to give me my money or my weed, or if i should go hunt his ass down and beat the shit out of him and rob him instead. what would you all do?
  2. wait for 2 or 3 days. if he hasn't contacted you then you should find him and get your money back.
  3. He could have been arrested. Or his parents busted him. He could have died, or in the hospital. Do not jump to conclusions. But then again, you sometimes have to assume the worst when it comes to drug dealers. Most of the time, they are all about the money.
  4. fuck that dude NEVER FRONT MONEY EVER....if somebody doesn't have it on them then wait till somebody does....if your not cool enough with the "friend" to go along with him to get it then it ain't worth it...also if he didn't pay up the same day fuck his ass up no matter what...let him no never to do that again....i'd damn near murder somebody for beatin me...when you fuck em up make sure you run his pockets while your at it...kill 2 birds with one stone
  5. like dutchmaster said, NEVER front anyone money.
  6. lol never mind guys. the last time i tried calling hm, he actually picked up. he told me he got drunk thursday night and was too fucked up to go to school or even remember. well, he seen how pissed i was that i didnt get it on time, he actually drove up to my house, picked me up, gave me my sack, and smoked me out with some of his friends. the shit they gave me was good, i took 3 hits, and i could barely walk home. then i tried rolling a joint, which took time since i was fucked lol. well, i feel good as fuck. my fault yall :smoked:
  7. glad everything worked out for you dude
  8. If he doesnt contact you in the next day or so, I'd deff go looking for him and get your cash back.

    Edit: Opened this thread awhile back and just saw the refreshed version. Glad it worked out, sounds like a decent guy.
  9. I wouldn't do that type of shit. You should've met up with him out of school and make the deal. I would never get someone money and expect my weed later. I'd do it all in one transaction, it's more convenient.
  10. glad shit worked out for you Talon. Just remember, don't front your money, too many assholes out there
  11. Good shit bro.

    Im glad to hear its all good.

    In the future never front money. Way to sketch.

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