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I think i got female.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stoner_boy, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Hey, i was given some seeds a while ago and just whacked them in some soil and but them in my Conservatory (under a powerful bedside lamp) and just let them grow. I've come back to them and i've looked at them under a Magnifying glass and saw that one was different to then others. All the male looking ones gave signs of being male and this one is showing signs of being a female.

    Now as this is just a little grow just for some fun it's not a major problem if they die (as my next proper grow is goin 2 be next spring), but if i could keep this female going i would have some experiance in growing which may help me for next time.

    What do i do to look after the female i've kinda researched it all but i don't want it to die.

    Can females turn into Hermeis or are they born that way?

    can u guys just give me some tips.

    Peace and happy tokin!
  2. don't overwater, don't over fertilize. give her plenty of light from a correct lightsource, and don't tell anyone about your grow.

    Hermies, some plants are born to be hermies some aren't. Some strains will go hermie on you if you put them under extrem environmental stress. keep your growing technique consistent and she won't herm on you if she was born that way.
  3. so let it go hermie,.....have seeds

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