I think I got crabs......

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    First off, i'm a virgin. Since i've been 13 (5 years) i've had breakouts where my pubes are. They are either above my dick or in the creases of my thigh. Usually I only get one pimple, but sometimes I get two or more, and it takes them 2 weeks to go away. Sometimes they bleed or hurt. Whebn I was 13-15 my shit would sorta itch fom time to time, but I really don't itch any more, but the pimples are still there. I cut my pubes with clippers that barbers use for buzz cuts etc.. What's so fucked up is that alot of girls wanna fuck me, but I can't because i'm unsure. I really don't want to go to the doctor, I just want to fuck someone. I'm tired of jacking off, I want some ass, pussy, head etc..
  2. Just hair bumps I think. i get em all the time. Just stop playing down there and everything should be iight
  3. Wtf is hairbumps?

    I don't bleed downthere or have acne there either.

    Planned parenthood does free screening.

    It's possible to get herpes from your parents at birth.
  4. [quote name='"Enemizz"']Just hair bumps I think. i get em all the time. Just stop playing down there and everything should be iight[/quote]

    Yeah I swear I get those too. Do you shower once a day? Hygiene seems like it could play a roll. Never had mine hurt or anything.
  5. Cut your pubes with a trimmer instead of a razor. And baby powder that shit if you need to.

  6. Not being laid should be sufficient motivation to go to the doctor:)

  7. I'm 99% sure my mom doesn't have herpes.
  8. trust me,

    your mom has herpes
  9. Scrub down there well with bacterial soap.
    Not calling your dick dirty or anything, just scrub there more

  10. Yeah, I shower every day. They don't hurt unless I get the big lump ones.

    To everyone, I know what herpes looks lile, what I got aint it. Hopefully its jist hair bumps or ingrown hairs.
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    Why is the title of this about crabs when in essence you have some sort of lumpy outbreaks

    I'm guessing its those hair bump things the other guy mentioned. Try after shave care down there forbade couple days after you shave!

    I also never knew people trimmed their pubes if no one else was going down there. I for one would love the freedom letting it be.....lol my spouse says otherwise
  12. If they're hair bump things, you should be able
    to see an ingrown hair no? If not and it's all
    fleshy and doesn't pop like a pimple, I'd bet it's


    Get to the clinic man. You never know, those
    can spread to the tip of your penis, the shaft,
    the base, your balls...

    Usually there is an outbreak, then it goes away
    since your immune system fights it off, but it
    comes back later...sometimes in more numbers.

    I do not know this from personal experience,
    I do not have a penis. Go have a hot nurse
    touch your balls...nothing wrong with that!

  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUjh9Id6Id8&feature=related]Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Well, if you shave often hairs can cause ingrown hairs i've had them before and I didn't even know I was freaking out and everything then I went to my doctor and she said it's normal and it's nothing to be worried about! :hello: try looking up some ingrown hairs on google or something compare what you have lmfao
  15. Sound like the herpes to me...
  16. hes got crabs.... shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  17. Yeah man, I mean I'm not sure I believe you're
    a virgin OP...if you're an untouched virgin then
    nothing should be wrong down there I imagine.

    You know you get herpes, craps, and all that
    from sexual contact yes?

    Did a hooker slobber all over your toothbrush
    or what bro?


    Maybe some peeps are right and your parents
    were infected...oh fuck I would kill my parents,
    like WTF why did you have me!? I was DOOMED!

  18. I had crabs. I named my favorite one Argyle.

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