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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Pmath, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. I was going to try my hand at a first time grow outdoors but with it being July already and what not I think I'm going to try indoors - Its going to my my first grow so I'm only going to try my hand and one plant then mybe go from there - I just don't know exactly what type of light I need... would a couple of these lights that are 27 watts each...I don't know exactly what I need (I don't want to go overboard)

    Also what types/brands of soil could I use to grow in

    I figure asking would give me a chance to know you all a little more than searching and looking through old posts - thanks
  2. I didnt find the 27 watt lights on the link you gave me.

    You should try to get more wattage than that though, if your going with fluroescants, atleast a few 50 watt bulbs, 3 or 4 of em would be great.

    Any soil basicly is fine, nothing special, just plain ol walmart brand.
  3. oups that link was suposed to work(oh well).... a few 50 watt lights though? At least? for only one plant? would it be cheaper to go to a gardening store and get a different type of light than a floro then? I want to try to keep expences low since I'm only going to try one plant for now to try my hand at it
  4. well, if your talkin only one plant, a 50 watt flouro, maybe 2 just to be safe and get a lil extra yeild, is more than sufficient.

    Though, its often unwise just to grow one plant, as chances have it it could be a male, and all your effort gone to waist! thats why I'd rather do atleast 3 at a time, to try and keep as much chance of there being a female as possible. for 3 i'd have about 3 or 4 (4 preferably) 50 watt fluros, and that would be enough and then some :)
  5. I was looking at some seeds for http://www.seedsdirect.to/ - they look like they have some seeds that are feminised? Wouldn't that eliminate any chance that it is a male...(I don't have my own place so i want to keep it small and stealth) hell if it does turn out male I could just try again (I'll vacume save the seeds and they'll last) It'll give me more practice - THC101 told me to try nirvana standard for the outdoor grow I was planning - what do you think whats a good strand that I could try

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