i think everyone is gonna die soon

Discussion in 'General' started by usuckman, Nov 27, 2011.

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    I have a really really bad feeling about the year 2012.
    I know most of us already know these things, but i just watched that Stansberry's Investment Advisory video. This video is real shit!
    This video is pretty stupid and is a ploy for money obviously but it explains the gist of what i think will happen..
    Im scared, i dont even have a job im already worthless and the economy is getting worse : (
  2. People Dying? :eek:

    no way man, impossible!
  3. Dude....you gotta get high and feel the love, man.

    You're too stressed out on all this bullshit. Chill out.

    Peace, Love, Weed, and Good Vibes your way :)
  4. guess who's the dumb ass if nothing happens
  5. ahaha Steezy straight ruthless :smoke:
  6. Another dooms day thread how many of these have there been this year
  7. steezyDAT doesn't like this

  8. 2012 has already started
  9. Steez gave you the stanky eye.
  10. 2012 is going to come and go, bitches will be baffled.
  11. So we're all doomed? I hadn't heard that. Sounds disconcerting.

    Will I still be able to buy weed at the dispensary AFTER we're all doomed?

    What bullshit...:)
  12. i think i am going to start investing in firearms :/
  13. 2012 is gonna be awesome. :]
  14. Nothing is going to happen. Do you know how many times the worlds been predicted to end? The answer is a lot and guess what happened? NOTHING.
  15. you don't know that. you could die tomorrow.
  16. lol what exactly do you think is gonna happen? im curious
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    If everyone died nobody would know. Right?

    edit: Perhaps the last person alive could have a robot doctor resuscitate after the heart stops beating and they would know that at a point in time everyone died until including his or her self was saved by a robot.

    Double edit: Could be transgender why not
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    I think money will become useless and eventually people will find it easier to produce their own food and water and shelter than it is to work for it.. And basically operating any kind of business would be impossible and people would be reduced to trading lol.. And lots of people would die ofcourse..There will still be powerfull people and societys, but they would have their power from something other than money. Aka people who spend all their money on guns and have lots of recourses at their disposal that arent just money(land oil anything) Weapons would probably the most important because people protect their assets without weapons! Basically a big worldwide jungle.

    I already got my plan. Im gonna buy lots of high quality weapons with LOTS of amunition. And fortify a small area of land that nobody would want. And im going to steal food and kill animals to eat. Boil my drinking water from the ocean or w/e. Im not gonna spend ANY money on food, im going to steal from other people who thought food was more important. I hope this doesnt happen tho :eek:
  19. So? We are all fucked. What else is new.

    I say life is pretty good...

    Peace, Love, Weed, and Good Vibes your way :)
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    If everybody dies it wont be the end of the world it will be the end of perception of the world. Everything will still be here. Life goes on after death. We are just apart of the cycle. Just because humans dont exist is going to mean the earth is going to disappear or something. The only thing that will disappear is our perception of the world.

    Everyone is going to die eventually. This does not mean it will be "the end of the world". Nothing can really "end the world" it can only shake it. It may even destruct one day but its not going to end it will still float around space for a long time.

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