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I take it as a sign from the almighty marijuanagods!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KnifeySpoony, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. hash2.jpg

    It was magically delicious. :yummy:

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  2. It's funny how a heart attack can feel that way...:D
  3. wow only 420 calories
  4. Over 24g of fat and over 1000 mgs of salt.

    Yum... :(

  5. And that's only in one serving, there are two in each can :eek:.
  6. That's a kidney stone/heart attack waiting to happen

    I think these gods may want you dead.
  7. Uh, that would be per serving. Double that right on up if you want all of the artery-hardening "times two" goodness.:D

    Might as well wash it down with a gallon of chocolate milk and a dozen Krispy Kremes... :smoke:
  8. lol nice. I bet the producers added a little extra calories just to get it to 420...:hello:
  9. bro you are not gonna consume that much sodium, I won't allow it young man.
  10. LOL


  11. i would rather just have a glass of milk and one KK right now...
    sooooo high right now and that sounds amzing.
  12. What about those butterscotch krimpet tastycake things. Damn their good.
  13. Lol...and a Diet Pepsi!

    Sorry, it's a nursing joke. Nurses don't get much sleep, so they load up on sugar. But they think it's okay because they only drink diet sodas. I know some diabetics who are the same way too.
  14. Hey all you hash haters out there, its all good. You can eat anything you want as long as you stay active. i recommend some yoga, headstands and shit. fun stuff. I DO YOGA LIKE ERRY DAY!!! Also check out Michael Phelps, he smokes and strokes and eats and beats, WINS BECAUSE HE HAS HUMAN FINS. ya digg daddyO!? So blaze up and head down to your local yoga studio or gym and get your sweat on! Namaste!!!!
  15. This thread is priceless. :)

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