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  1. Alrite so myself and a friend have decided to makes our dreams of growing a reality. 6 days ago I germinated 10 seeds that I had saved from several good bags of weed, 2 seeds were from cheeze, but I didn't label them so they're just mixed in with the rest. The next day my partner and I tood off to the woods where I knew there was a large area of thick thorns and shrubs with nothing more than a few meager deer trails. We stumbled around for a while until we found the most perfect plot surrounded by shrubs probably 6.5-7 feet tall. We pulled all the weeds/grass, and then dragged an old roll of fencing that was off the side of the main trail throught the woods. We set up the fence, wrapping it around the entire plot, and continued prepping the site. Then on day 4 we moved the sprouts to 5 two-liters (two to a bottle) and then half burried them in the soil. This allows for some wind protection while they are small. We were originally going to bring in soil, but after some digging we realized how good this soil already was. So we got the seeds in and then two days later (today), we dug the holes for all the plants (9; one didt't germinate.) Then we inspected all of the bottles and 3 have popped through the soil and look healthy. Give me all your suggestions and let me know what we're doing wrong. Also we have pics but they were taken with a cell phone so they arent the greatest:)

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  2. I've been thinking of doing something similar. Any suggestions on a good spot other than out of the way where no one will find it (I live in the middle of nowhere so that part is easy for me)? Growing inside is not an option. I was thinking of just planting them out of the way and hope that they grow. Did you just drop them in the 2L bottles to germinate them? Anything else required? Never done a grow before, so I'm as green as you can be. haha, green
  3. I dropped them in water for about 12 hours until they all sank to the bottom and then put them in paper towells. I don't really recomend just dropping a bunch of seeds and then coming back, your better off to put a lot of work into and have a good grow. Germinating inddors was a must for me because the weather up this far north is still real crappy, but I suppose you could try it and see how it works out.
  4. im confused about your 2L system. if 2 plants are constrained to just having there roots be in the area of a 2L bottle thats not big enough
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    Were not planning on leaving them in there very long so it shouldn't be a problem. What were planning on doing is removing 1 weaker one and transplanting her to her hole and waiting to see how she handles it. If she cant handle it, we'll kill of the weaker of each container, thus giving us less plants to focus on.
  6. Looks good. Be sure not to water too much. Watering not enough is better than too much.
  7. Day 8

    Checked on the plants today, 7 of the 9 have popped through the soil and look healthy. One bad thing did happen though. I went to water one of the two-liters and all and I noticed that the water wasn't going down, and that there was still water in the bottom from the last water. I checked and there were no holes in the bottom for drainage. I poked a few holes in it but by then the water and dirt had all mixed into a thick soup and just plugged up the holes. At this point water was up to the stalks so I had to transplant two of them into their permanent holes. Oh well, it'l still give me an idea of how the other plants will react to being transplanted.

    I'll put up more pics when the plants are bigger
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    Day 9

    Watered the plants again today since it's been pretty hot and dry, and the two that were transplanted are alive and growing! :) That being said the rest of the plants will probably be transplanted very soon.
  9. Day 15

    Alrite today we went up and did some work on the garden, mostly on leveling the soil and working on the trench in case of flooding. All the plants look well, even the one that was just dropped into one of the two liters so that totals us ast 8 plants. Enjoy the pics:hello:

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  10. Alrite so apparently a baby deer got in through a small gap in the fence and ate all but the 2 smallest of our plants :mad: But no feers; my partner and I havn't given up yet and we are going to attempt a sea of green right in the garden. I'll be back on here in a week or two with the update on that.
  11. :hello:Got all the germinated seeds all in the ground today, I'll post the total number after they pop out of the ground cuz quite frankly I'm not quite sure how many there are.
  12. Day 39

    Alrite got down to the garden to water today and saw to my surprise, that the one plant that didn't get eatin has a cluster of white hairs surrounding the middle of the plant where the next set of leaves are developing. I assumed this meant is was female but when I looked at the lower branches there wasn't any pistils:confused: I'm a little uncertain of what this means but I'm guessing the plant is female, I just don't know why theres just a cluster of the hairs at the top almost like its entering flowering. But anyway somehow we got screwed over and only 4 sprouts came up so I guess we'll just have 5 plants but hey first season is just for the experience.

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  13. UPDATE

    God damnit somehow a deer managed to lean over the fence and bite the top off of the only remaining big plant. I'm not gonna put all the work into a few small sprouts so I'm just going to wawter them when necessary and observe flowering patterns to detirmine what will need to be done next year, either force flower or buy auto flowering strains due to short season up north; I'll decide which after this season. I'm guessing I won't get a gram of bud this fall, but hey this years goal was to gain experience for the next season; hence the bagseed. I now know what needs to be done to keep animals out and we've learned a lot from our mistakes. I'll be on here next spring with a more legit grow, soil, ferts, and strains in the same location which will also be improved. Peace out and keep toking:wave:

  14. Chicken wire, man. Chicken wire.
  15. Fsho we just were tryin to take the cheap way out and payed for it. Next spring we'll have it set up really nice and get some autoflowering strains because i don't think its possible to grow outdoors here, seasons just too damn short

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