I swear it's a conspiracy!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by BluntedMusician, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. I can't get more than a 50 on my Calculus exams!!! :mad:
  2. i got a 97 on my most recent math test, yay. i beat the nerdy kids.

    Anyhow, i had a 65 in history yesterday, as i dont do homework. I knew this wouldnt fly with my aprents, specially my mom since she knows i smoke. So, in order to keep toking, i did some makeup work and brought it up to a 69, Plus i have some more stuff to pass in, and atest before grades close, so i should be a decent amount over a 70 now. yay for me. Weed motivated me to do better in school!
    Im naturally lazy, w/o weed i would have probably just been like whatever and kept my grade how it was.

  3. shoulda cheeted :D LOL

    -sidenote- fuck yes I'm a cheeter.... always have been and always will be due to loathing tests.... if god wanted us to do calculus he would have invented it.... or at best told us it was there and to stay the hell away :D

    ^^ make sence to anyone else??^^
  4. Damn Calculus exams

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