I survived a pat-down; friend got arrested

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheHempress, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. This actually happened last night, but I didn't get the chance to post about it.

    Last night my two best friends (N and J) and I were driving back to my house after picking up an eighth. Just as we were about to cross the bridge into my county, we got pulled over. I was sitting in the backseat of my car (because I'm lazy and didn't want to drive) and my friend N was driving. We got pulled over because my license plate lights were burned out.

    As soon as I saw the flashing lights I shoved the bag into my bra, which turned out to be a life-saver. The cop ran all of our names and found out that N had some warrants for his arrest. He was cuffed and taken right there.

    They made me step out of the car to take a breathalyser test to prove that I could drive us home since we had been drinking about 2-3 hours earlier (we admitted this to the cop). Well, he called in a female back-up to check me for weapons and such. The whole time I was shaking because I had the weed right there in my bra, but SHE DIDN'T FIND IT! :hello: How fucking sweet is that? :laughing:

    Anyway, I take the breathalyser test and it came up negative for any alcohol whatsoever. So the officer gives me my license back and let's us say goodbye to our friend N and we drove back home.

    Can you guess what we did first thing when we got back? We smoked a bowl of farewell for N and had a small laugh over our close call. It's not so bad that he's going to jail since he was going to turn himself in tomorrow anyway, but it sucks that he got taken early.

    Aw, I miss him already. :( Still can't believe that the cop didn't find my weed. Wow.
  2. Damn, you lucked out! Did she even check your bra area? What kind of bud did you get, by the way?
  3. Yeah, she checked me there. She stretched the strap in the back and kind of fondled my breasts a bit (no other way to describe it :laughing: ) It was just an 1/8th of mids, but they don't care. An 1/8th is an 1/8th is an 1/8th to them, you know?
  4. thank god you were ok. The whole situataion sucks, but something similar happened to me... we all got out okay though (no warrants and we just got lucky). Hopefully nothiung too bad happens to your friend.
  5. wow way to luck out there!
  6. I got pulled over for that same shit once.....it's fucking retarded. I got a super bright lightbulb on it now, it's so bright it lights up the ground. I can see it from my mirror when I'm sitting in my truck.
  7. :eek: damn hempress, thank heavens that situation turned out like it did for you, good karma FTW :hello:

    maybe next time you need to make sure the friend with the warrants isnt driving :p

  8. :laughing: I don't think it would have mattered. We would have been pulled over regardless and as soon as they ran his name he would have been busted.
  9. hahaha FINE well then next time make sure you dont have any burned out bulbs :p :laughing:
  10. Those female officers are a little friendly, when I got searched by one I damn near felt molested by the end of it, holy shit man.

    Glad you made it out okay though :)
  11. Lucky you! made it off that time, but maybe not the next!
  12. That happend to me once, i was getting patted down with a bunch of other people, so the cop feels my pocket, feels the bag, ( pretty big sandwich baggie ) and just walks away like nothing happend.
  13. I'm smoking a bowl of the stuff right now. Marijuana never tasted so good before. :bongin:

  14. ahh wish i could join you but my hookup never gets his shit together.

    well good thing you got out safe reminds me of me and my friend passing a blunt. a cop came and my friend just threw the blunt behind him. with that he goes what were you smoking blah blah blah starts patting my friend down and right as he is about to touch the weed(my friend had it ditched right in his groin) The bush he threw it at started on fire!! funniest/weirdest day of my life.
  15. You know whats funny? The night I got arrested one of my friends had a quarter of mids on her and she stuffed it in her bra as well, she got arrested [because she blew a .016-BULLSHIT I KNOW] and went to jail all the while she had that weed on her hahaha, you women and your assets are lifesavers you know :) Glad you made it out alive!
  16. I had a volvo which constantly burned out license plate bulbs. I was always checking it because I got pulled over for it a few times.
  17. nice work :) glad everything worked out.

    I don't give a fuck what anyone says, but having a license plate bulb burnt out is complete bullshit, i FUCKING HATE THAT SHIT. It is the stupidest fucking law ever. period. Don't we have headlights for that kind of crap, so when u get behind the person, you can see it pretty plainly.....

    /random rant
  18. good story hempress. Good to see you got away. When i got pulled over i got thrown in the back seat with 2homies while they searched my car since i had a scale. They made me smash that shit too talking about " I dont ever wana see you here again" type of shit. I was pissed but that didnt stop me from getting those 2 oz's chu know. STAY HIGH =]
  19. Nice job getting away with it. But if it was a guy with a bag in his boxers...

    Women 1
    Men 0
  20. that was one heck of a close call glad you mad it out alright

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