I still haven't recieved my damned "tobacco" bong

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by justanotherguy, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. I honestly don't know what to do about this mayhem, as I've already tried to contact grasscity about this problem. It's been months upon months since I ordered. I emailed them once and they said they would reship. I emailed them a few months later and I still have recieved no response. And this is more than a month later. I'm pissed off and annoyed. Seems like a waste of $24....especially for the shipping costs.

    Any one have any suggestions on how I should look into getting my money back or ACTUALLY getting what I ordered?
  2. well for starters, I moved this thread to the general feedback forum where it's probably a little more appropriate.

    How did you pay? if it was credit card, money order/check has it been charged/cashed yet? I know for a fact that the owners of the site are legitemate salespeople, I think a lot of happy customers in the forums can back me up on that. They get tons of E-mail concerning orders and shipments etc. every day, so it may take a long period of time for them to get to your comments and respond.

    One possibility could be the local customs in your area keep confiscating the product you're ordering. It might be a good idea to do a little research into the legalities of the product you purchased in your area.

    Another thing to remember is that this site is based in the netherlands, so shipments to your area may take much longer than usual.

    If all else fails...try another site...grasscity is avery high quality and reliable online store, but if you honestly arent satisfied, buy from somewhere else next time.
  3. Hey,

    I know about this problem, yes we reshipped it and you still have not got it, however I had you on my list to mail it to you again with registred mail, so I would be sure it would get there. However my back order list was deleted last week and i could only recover some on the list from my memory and you slipped my mind. Sorry but it happened. Anyways I'm glad you are in touch again, mail me your ordernumber so I can track down your name and adress and we will ship it again(! third time). I'm ssorry for the mixup, but these kind of mistakes can takew place, my apoligies.


    NUbbin, thanks for backing me up!

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