I sprayed RAID Home & Garden on my plant.

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  1. I have a 1 &1/2 week old potted plant sitting outdoors that's about 3 inches off the ground, bright green, and really healthy looking. I'm growing it outside so I was a little worried about bugs damaging it so I bought some RAID Home & Garden and I sprayed the entire perimeter, a little bit on the plant, and the soil around the plant.

    Then I got a little worried, so I went to the internet...

    EVERY site said that my plant is likely to die. I'm so worried right now, this is my first grow and I'm terribly ashamed to admit how careless I was not researching better pesticides.

    So about 10 minutes after I read all the Q&A's about Raid on plants I ran out side and poured some water on the plant in an attempt to "wash it off" Lmao.

    You guys think it'll be okay? I made sure to not spray too much too close to the plant and the can did say it "wont harm plants". *Fingers Crossed
  2. Either it will be okay or it won't. Don't ever spray stuff like that on plants meant for human consumption. Also, you use pesticides generally AFTER pests are discovered, unless outdoor. Even then, you need to use ones like neem oil that are safe for people. Do you really want to be smoking raid?
  3. Only time will tell. If it's not showing signs of stress in a couple hours, it should be good.

    Never spray anything you wouldn't put on a food crop on your weed plants. Do some research on both pesticides and garden pests. Many bugs you see in the garden are actually beneficial to your plants. They eat bad bugs or break down organic materials to feed your plants. Read up and educate yourself.
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